2 Years Ago: The Church Pulls Together for Victory in Springfield, MO



Tuesday, April 7, 2015 the citizens of Springfield, Missouri, went to the polls to repeal a regressive sexual orientation/gender identity ordinance by 51.4 percent to 48.6 percent. It seemed impossible with a majority of city councilmen, the media, the Chamber of Commerce and the national lesbian gay bisexual transgender advocacy group the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) backing it with over $250,000. The city council was determined to get this through, even timing the day of the original vote, October 13, 2014 on Columbus Day when every other city office was closed. But against all odds, David defeated Goliath because the church came together and a majority of Springfield citizens voted their values.

If the repeal effort had not been successful, Springfield’s ordinance would have created sexual identify as a protected class, not only allowing biological males to use women’s restrooms/locker rooms, but penalizing those who complained with a $1000 a day fine and jail time up to six months behind bars. HRC has passed similar ordinances in over 250 cities across the country and in Springfield even persuaded a few pastors to be spokesmen as they sought to dominate all media with quotes like “discrimination is always wrong” and “Jesus taught that loving your neighbor as yourself means caring for others’ basic needs.” However, people saw through the spiritual rhetoric to the real issue–an attack against freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

There were many things that led to the successful election.

  • Some citizens of Springfield had been attending city council meetings back in 2012 when the city council first tried to pass the ordinance. If it hadn’t been for these watchdogs called Live Free Springfield, the city would have quietly passed the ordinance in 2012.
  • Bio photo (1)Calvin Morrow, a General Contract and Founder of Christians United for Political Action, was invited by some already involved to track with them and speak out at city council.
  • Springfield Citizens United was formed and asked Calvin to be the spokesman for the group, so he started calling the media and making himself available daily to them.
  • A notable pastor in the city saw Calvin on TV and called him, which led to a gathering of pastors engaging in the process. Everyone realized there was no hope unless the church got involved. There were only a few churches and no money.
  • Mark Gonzales, Ex. Dir. of National Black Robe Regiment (NBRR) who had been tracking these ordinances across the nation, called Calvin and a meeting was set up with 17-18 activists, leaders and pastors. Mark let them know that NBRR was there to help and gave some strategic organizational leadership to the local efforts. Calvin said, “NBRR was a tremendous asset. I don’t think we could have done it without them.”
  • A committee made up of Calvin, Dr. John Lilly (physician and chairman for Lock & Smith Foundation) and Michael Tull, businessman and treasurer formed Yes on Question 1.
  • Although there was a total media blackout, including the Times Magazine stating Calvin could not be reached for comment after they had spoken to him for 20 minutes on the phone, the committee blogged and used social media to get the message out.
  • NBRR sent M.D. Sias to serve the committee on the ground in Springfield. MD’s expertise in social media, databases and using lists for strategic purposes proved a huge asset for the local effort. Calvin said, “M.D. went to 138 churches in one day. At first I found it hard to believe, but he had contacted 138 of the 160 churches in one day! M.D. had knowledge that we needed and brought energy and expertise that we didn’t have.”
  • The Catholic Church led by Bishop James V. Johnston of the Springield-Cape Girardeau Diocese engaged. Calvin met with the Diocese lawyer early on and helped them craft a letter for their congregations. The Bishop met with all the priests and then sent a letter to each of the congregations and asked the priests to read it on Resurrection Sunday morning.
  • In the final days as the vote neared, an all-African American walk team led by Andrew Shannon served as a visible reminder to voters that this ordinance is an affront to civil rights because there is no comparison to what Blacks have suffered in this nation from slavery to Dred Scott to lynching to segregation.
  • Yes on Question 1 delivered 4 x 8 signs around the city, many of which were stolen and vandalized. The damaged marred signs demonstrated to the community where the true lack of tolerance resided.
  • A total of 10,000 voter guides were distributed to churches and handed out at the polls, where four candidates that supported repeal were on the ballot. Two of them won bringing the current vote on the city council to 4 to 4. There is an appointment that is up currently for the 9th position, which would break a tie.

4x8_signVictory did not come easily, but things began to come together as volunteers began to walk blocks, the Family Research Council held a breakfast encouraging pastors to rally their congregations and national organizations like WallBuilders, American Family Association and others emailed their lists to engage in the process.

The momentum shift happened in the last few weeks, which Calvin explained, “During this time, not only did Joni Erickson Tada come to town praying that God would use the weak things of this world to confound the wise and protect religious liberty, but the committee also hosted a time of worship and prayer asking God to raise up more leaders like Pastor John Lindell of James River Church, John Lilly, etc.” Pastor Lindell gave a message to his 9,000-member congregation asking them to demonstrate both compassion and righteous action. The local media reported portions of Pastor Lindell’s sermon out of context to reprint in the newspaper and put on the evening news. There was a huge backlash against him, but he and other pastors in the city stood strong.

Calvin reflected, ““We discovered there are some really strong pastors in this city and we’re starting to network together. The pastors discovered they couldn’t ignore politics especially when politics kicks in your front door.” Calvin said that God has elevated him through this effort so that he can’t go anywhere in the community without being recognized. Pray for him that he will know how to manage the number of requests from people that are pouring in.

The Lord took what the enemy meant for evil in Springfield and turned it into a movement of pastors, businessmen and every-day citizens working together in an ongoing way. NBRR was grateful to be a part of what God began in Springfield and to see so many churches and organizations working together for spiritual and community transformation.


Psalms 112:6 For he will never be shaken; the righteous will be remembered forever. Founder’s Bible article 1 Timothy 4:5, page 1948. Excerpt from Benjamin Harrison: “If you take out of your statutes, your Constitution, your family life all that is taken from the Sacred Book, what would there be left to bind society together?”

Asking God To Do It Again In DC

Dear Pastor,


Thank you so much for your pastoral leadership in our Nation’s Capital Region. What you are already doing here, is no less important than the Apostle Paul’s burden to testify before Caesar in center of power in his day.  Though we may not face the sacrifices Paul did when he was accused of turning the world upside down, we can’t underestimate what God can do when we empower those in our ministries to do friendship discipleship to these new souls in our city.

Other busy pastors of significant churches, like you have found it helpful to appoint a civic outreach coordinator. May the Lord so bless your ministry with His divine creativity during this transition time to invite these new staffers into your church and experience the joy of 1 Tim 2: 1-4:

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

We are so praying that the Lord would continue to guide you, as we each ask the Lord how we can do our part to “make the most of every opportunity” Ephesians 5:16b before the new staffers get sucked into the pay-to-play corruption.  As Nehemiah experienced, when each one both prays and reaches out to our community, we can see here, what I have seen God do in Houston, TX,  Springfield, MO, and many other cities. Beyond the God Is Not Dead 2 Movie which mentions our work when Houston pastors’ sermons were subpoenaed, here are a few local resources that may assist your outreach coordinator in reaching these new staffers for Christ.

AlabasterHouse.org (Training on friendship evangelism at work)

JeffersonGathering.com (Bible studies focused on Officials & Staff)

ChristianEmbassy.com (Helping Staffers ask Christ how to do their job)

Acpr.org (Bible studies focused on government staff)

DavidsTentDC.org (Worship 24/7 Near the White House)


MD Sias

757-559-1563 | BlessingsBeyondBoundaries.com

The Big List of Notable Church Technology, Ministry Tools & Christian Apps

By Church Relavance

There’s no shortage of Christian leaders thinking about what the intersection of faith and technology should be. Some charge ahead embracing the latest tech trends to create the next era of church technology and ministry tools. And others cautiously wait and consider what might be lost by so boldly embracing the unknown. But one thing is certain -people are increasingly asking questions at the intersection of ministry & tech.

  • What is the best church management software?
  • What is the best Bible app?
  • Should I get a church app?
  • Is church online biblical?
  • How can I do internet evangelism?

We aren’t out to answer these questions or rank who’s the best. But we have curated a list of what we believe to be the most notable and a few novel uses of technology in Christian ministry. Please use this list not to compete but to be inspired by how technology can be used for the good of God’s Kingdom.

Bible Apps

Neubible: Bible App

At the core of the Christian faith is Scripture. In a sense, the Bible is a commodity that goes beyond the borders of denominations and ministry models. And this dynamic is what drives Bible technology to be the most versatile category on this list.


Free via web & iOS
Scriptive asks how you feel and why and then recommends Bible verses that apply to your unique circumstances. But what makes Scriptive so cool is that the verses it recommends are those with the highest probability of spiritual impact. Building upon millions of data points shared by YouVersion and OpenBible.info, Scriptive recommends verses based on how they’ve previously moved people in similar circumstances. And Scriptive’s recommendation engine is constantly improving as it makes it easy for users to report back which recommended verses were most relevant. It’s a thoughtful approach that even applies insights from neuroscience to create a user experience that helps people be more receptive to Scripture by removing emotional or cognitive barriers.

NeuBible by Quiet Pupil

Free via iOS
Two designers – Aaron Martin  of Yahoo! and Kory Westerhold of Twitter – wanted a Bible app that purely focuses on beauty, simplicity, and a better reading experience. So they built it. It is beautiful and focuses on quick loading, intuitive navigation, and quality search capabilities. It comes preloaded with 4 translations with additional translations available as in-app purchases, which vary in cost depending on the royalty fees required by each Bible translation owner.

YouVersion by Life.Church

Free via web, iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry
The original Bible app. YouVersion has grown to over 196 million downloads. With over 1,115 translations and 799 languages offered, it is unquestionably the most robust and versatile Bible app in providing God’s Word to the world. Their Bible reading plans have effectively helped millions read Scripture more often. And they’re exploring multiple ways to nurture community around Scripture via social media, events, and within the app.

The Bible Simply Put by Matthew Ziehr

Free via web & iOS
This is a fun tool to better learn and understand the themes and stories behind the Bible. They use one sentence to describe the Bible as a whole and then use one sentence to describe each of the 2 testaments, 8 sections, 66 books, 1,189 chapters, and an assortment of characters and places.

Deaf Bible App by Deaf Bible Society

Free via iOS & Android
Offering numerous sign language translations, the Deaf Bible App offers the only Bible app user interface custom tailored for deaf users. The JESUS Film is also available in a translations.

Bible Study & Memorization

Verses: Bible Memorization App

Verses by Zach Whelchel + Brock Klein

Free via iOS
Frustrated by a lack of quality Bible memorization apps, Verses was created to blend good design and UX into memorizing God’s Word. It offers an assortment of memory games and let’s you track your progress over time. The app comes preloaded with the KJV translation with additional translations available as in-app purchases, which vary in cost depending on the royalty fees required by each Bible translation owner.

Bible Web App by Digital Bible Society

Free via web browser
Built with help from John Dyer and Michael Johnson, the Bible Web App is one of the most agile yet powerful browser-based Bibles available. It’s an incredible simple and clean design that let’s you add parallel translations, keyword searches, maps, commentaries, and media. In a sense, it’s like the free Google Docs version of Logos Bible Software.

Logos Bible Software by Faithlife

Base packages ranging from $295 to $10,800
Logos is arguably the best Bible software that money can buy. The software capabilities are impressive and so is their library of additional content available for purchase. Their sheer size allows them to bundle ebooks into some unbeatable prices, and the software let’s users engage the content in ways that many other Bible software cannot.

Fighter Verses by Children Desiring God

$3 via iOS & Android
Designed for children and adults, Fighter Verses offers 7 translations each with over 520 Bible verses to memorize. It includes several memorization games and even the ability to sing verses in the ESV translation.

Kids Bible Apps

Kids Bible Apps

SharefaithKids – Sunday School Resources and Curriculum In The Cloud

Free via iOS & Android
SharefaithKids is an award-winning Sunday School curriculum and resource providing amazing Bible video lessons, activities and application for Sunday School teachers. It’s the first cloud-based Sunday School curriculum and packs the entire Sunday School lesson from start to finish.

The Bible App for Kids by YouVersion + OneHope

Free via iOS & Android
OneHope uses creative media to teach the Bible to kids in 145 countries, so a partnership with YouVersion to create a Bible App for kids made perfect sense. Using help from OvenBits to create the app, it offers a immersive, story telling experience for kids to hear Bible stories, remember the most important parts, and play fun challenges along the way!

SUPERBOOK Kids Bible App by CBN

Free via iOS & Android
Christian Broadcasting Network has rebooted its SUPERBOOK cartoon and created an app to go with it. It is packed with stories, games, quizzes, and videos.

David vs. Goliath by Righteous Tales

Free via iOS & Android
This is the classic Bible story turned interactive with dozens of story chapters including over 100 achievements and 7 mini-games.

Bible Hardware

Proclaimer Audio Bible Hardware

Proclaimer by Faith Comes by Hearing

Free for villages without a Proclaimer
The Proclaimer digital player is preloaded with an audio Bible recording usually of the New Testament. The battery can be charged via a built-in solar panel, a hand crank, or an included AC adapter. It is loud enough for a crowd of 300 and will play for 15 hours before needing recharged. The Every Church Every Village program equips church members and ministry teams with a free Proclaimer for mission trips to unreached villages.

Herald Audio Bible by MegaVoice

The Herald is a discrete 1.4 ounce digital player with fixed internal flash memory and a microSD card slot and powered by only 2 AA batteries. You can load over 500 hours of tamper-proof audio content.

Envoy S by MegaVoice

The Envoy S is a lightweight 2.4 ounce, solar-powered digital player designed to take audio Bibles and educational content to rugged environments. It can carry up to 800 hours of audio.

Story Teller by MegaVoice

The Story Teller is a low cost, solar powered digital player for evangelism and Bible stories. It can carry up to 25 hours of tamperproof audio.

Niche Bible Tech

Digital Bible Platform API

Digital Bible Library by United Bible Societies

The Digital Bible Library  (DBL) was birthed out of Every Tribe Every Nation, an alliance of Bible translation groups working together to translate the Bible into all 6,800 languages. The DBL is managed by the United Bible Societies and exists to preserve and safeguard texts into a standardized format as well as streamline the usage of its translations. Those who are granted a “library card” are able to leapfrog beyond the historically cumbersome process of getting permission to use translations and can even have privileges like storing the Bible text on their own servers.

Digital Bible Platform (API) by Faith Comes by Hearing

The Digital Bible Platform (DBP) is perhaps the easiest path to getting digital Bible texts for your projects. However, it limits you to only accessing the texts via an API every time. Because it lacks the rights to store Bible texts on your own server, it may not be the best fit for more robust Bible applications, but it is an ideal solution for small projects and the majority of Bible technology. Many people don’t realize that almost all Bible translations are bound by significant royalties and restrictions. It can be a slow and painful process to get access to the texts. Faith Comes By Hearing cleverly gets around this by establishing the legal contracts and payments with each translation owner and then lets you piggyback off of their access for free via an API.

Sovee (translation)

Sovee is known for their advances in translation and video streaming used by big brands and corporations around the world. They are also pioneering Bible translation with a new approach that mashes up 3 different translation models into one hyperefficient process. Traditional Bible translations takes 2 years to translate the book of Luke into a new language. Sovee has reported that a team of 2 people working full-time for 6 months can translate the entire Bible into a new language with 98% accuracy. Independent field tests haven’t matched that ideal yet, but it is still fast and an exciting exploration into what could be.

Prayer Technology

Echo Prayer App

Abide by Carpenters Code

Free via iOS & Android
Abide is a team of former Google, Tesla, Ebay, and Microsoft technologists, who have created an app that fosters a daily focus on prayer. Record audio prayers and then share them with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, email, and more. Follow prayer guides, daily reflections, and even join in prayer through pre-recorded prayers from leaders like Jack Graham, Luis Palau, and Tony Evans.

Ceaseless by TheoTech

Free via iOS
Designed by a former Amazon technologist, Ceaseless is both a prayer journal and a guide to helping you pray for friends, family, and coworkers more often. Sync the app with your contact list and then start praying for 3 friends each day. By focusing beyond bells and whistles and into matters of the heart and spiritual growth, Ceaseless has created a simple user experience fine tuned to doing what it is supposed to do.


Free via iOS & Android
Instapray lets people around the world connect with each other through prayer. You can share your prayers in a private small group or with the whole world and then engage with others by commenting on their prayers or via private messages. Instapray has attracted quite a bit of attention because of its financial backing from investor Peter Thiel. However, it’s 59 million prayers from 194 countries is what is keeping it in the limelight.

Echo Prayer Manager by Clover

Free via iOS & Android
From the creators of Clover websites and donation software, Echo is a gorgeous app that helps you list and organize your prayers and then remind you via email or push notifications to keep praying. A “pray now” feature helps jump start and guide your prayer. Choose what you would like to pray for and optionally set a timer for how long you want to pray.


Free via iOS & Android
Developed by eResources, Ora is a prayer app that collects, organizes, tracks, reminds, connects and securely shares prayer requests and answers with anyone you choose. You can use it intimately with friends and family via the app or mobile platform. Or you can use the OraCOMMUNITY software to unite your existing church community or ministry around prayer.

Evangelism, Teaching & Training Platforms


LinguaDMS by TWR

Developed by The A Group, LinguaDMS is a media management and distribution platform that lets ministries organize and ship their message to websites, mobile apps, internet radio, and terrestrial broadcast outlets.

Kolo World App by Kolo Group

Free via iOS & Android
Designed to help both oral and literate cultures easily find content in their language, the Kolo World App offers audio Bible, the JESUS Film, and more in over 1,000 languages.

5fish by Global Recordings Network

Free via iOS, Android, FILEDIR, & Opera Mobile
It’s nothing fancy, but it proclaims the gospel in over 5,600 languages with Bible stories and YouTube videos! 5fish is a great example of how very basic technology can still be used for significant Kingdom impact.

iDisciple by Family Christian

iDisciple has aggregated over 250 popular Christian voices into a robust digital hub of sermons, music, devotionals, articles, radio, prayer requests, and small groups. It is a sizeable library with an equally large audience of 700,000 users.

RightNow Media 

The Netflix of Christianity. RightNow Media has aggregated over 10,000 Bible study videos from 150 ministries and publishers. Churches can subscribe and get access for their entire congregation. And pricing is based on the church member size.

MinistryGrid by LifeWay Christian Resources

Featuring over 3,000 training videos, MinistryGrid is a very cool way to teach church staff and volunteers new skills. The topical scope is broad and offers something for each area from parking lot to the pulpit.

Content with Community Platforms

Table Community Platform

Table by Gateway Church

Available via iOS & Android
Table’s development team has spent years in research to explore how to make discipleship technology that actually produces disciples. That isn’t to say they have the perfect platform, but they do have a budget that lets them take their time. This affords them the luxury to grow the platform slowly through controlled batches of new users, which offer insights into improvements. So new users, test, revise, repeat. It’s an approach that has grown Table into a pretty cool platform. Calling it the only app your church will ever need, Table offers community tools for small groups, prayer requests, volunteer mobilization, sermons, discussion, giving, a member directory, and classifieds all organized into a dynamic content stream for each user.

Incredible Islands by OneHope & My Healthy Church

Incredible Islands is children’s ministry reimagined. What if the Sunday School lesson lasted the whole week instead of just an hour on Sunday. Incredible Islands lets children’s ministers plan and create their weekly lessons both for the classroom and as online games to engage their students throughout the week. The admin panel makes it easy to coordinate and manage lessons with each student. The Incredible Islands app lets children read a weekly interactive Bible story and then engage via quizzes, memory verses, prayer, and daily quests to complete.

Gloo by Tango Group

Build your own digital platform. Gloo let’s you quickly create and publish content into a custom application and then track and analyze your audience behavior.

Disciplr by David C Cook

Disciplr makes it easy to find, purchase, and manage curriculum. It streamlines the process into one central hub making it easy to equip the teachers within your church.

StudySpace by Acton Institute

StudySpace is designed for both group and individual study around books and media. For small groups that regularly use books, it’s a nice platform for community around content.

Church.io by Tim Morgan

This is a simple, clean, open source community platform for churches. Church.io offers profiles, groups, a church directory, attendance tracking,media sharing, and prayer requests as features. It’s a good option for churches wanting their own private social network or community platform.

Church Apps & Web Presence

Subsplash Church Apps

UNIFY Church App by REBL Ventures

The UNIFY Church App offers on the go broadcasting and media streaming, events, and giving as well as basic information like about, blog, and contact.


Free via iOS & Android
Offering both free and premium editions, SmartChurch offers a free church directory, custom branding, events, church info pages, and a church-wide communication thread. The premium edition adds features like a giving page, media management, and a leader dashboard.


Sharefaith has designed a zero coding, 100% drag and drop church website builder with features like media libraries, online giving, blogging, podcasting, communication, and an embedded graphics editor. You also get a custom church app, rivaling other apps costing $1,000 or more. It is more affordable than many solutions without sacrificing the performance most churches need.

The Church App by Subsplash

Subsplash has been a leader in creating custom ministry apps. They’ve rolled what they’ve learned into The Church App, which lets you customize your app’s layout and features in real time. It’s great for video and audio, events, music, congregation engagement, Bible reading, and more

Media Streaming Tools

Media Fusion Streaming Tools

Church Online Platform by Life.Church

The original church online platform is free to use and well-refined from years of experience and testing. It’s more than a video player. It offers congregation-wide chat, live prayer, and synced video streaming. Features include beautiful front-end designs, section-based editing, online giving, a media player, unlimited storage, photo editing, search engine optimizied, and more.

Media Fusion

Media Fusion helps ministries organize and manage digital libraries and make it easy for users to access content in full HD from any device.


Known for their podcast management tools, Buzzsprout has also grown to be a go to solution for church media and sermons.

Church Management Software

Rock RMS Church Management Software

Rock RMS by Spark Development Network

Rock RMS is a free church management software designed and funded by several churches. It is so good that including 4 of the top 10 largest U.S. churches use it. It includes person/family management, group management, contributions, check-in (for kids ministry, etc.), reporting, and a website content management system.

The City by ACS Technologies

The City is a private online community for your church where people can join groups, build relationships, give online, and find new ways to connect and do ministry together. It also offers the usual member management and communication tools as well as tools for volunteers, event management, and classifieds. The City was one of the first church management solutions to do community features well, so it’s become a popular choice in the current landscape of church management.

Planning Center by Ministry Centered Technologies

Planning Center began as a tool to organize worship teams, but it was designed so well that other departments throughout churches began using it to organize their ministries. Now Planning Center also offers official solutions for children’s ministry, youth ministry, and church administration. When grouped together, it is a complete solution offering tools for people management, groups, check ins, giving, resources, registrations, church services, screen projection, and worship teams.

Develop.me by Life.Church

Rather than an annual performance review for ministry team members, Develop.me offers a platform for year-round growth and collaboration to promote team leadership development.

Churchix by Face-Six

Churchix is controversial, but it is notable, so we’ve included it on this list. Churchix uses facial recognition software for church attendance. As I’ve said before, “With the concept of facial recognition software is an underlying subconscious hunch that this is wrong because it’s an inauthentic substitute for one-on-one relationships. Imagine, ‘And then the apostles walked into the assembly, and their faces were scanned.’ It seems like it misses the authenticity. However what once seemed shocking will gradually seem normal. Ultimately, we’re going to see this type of technology become far more prominent.”


4K Mapping

Church Metrics by Life.Church

Free via iOS, Android & browser
Track church attendance, giving, salvations, baptisms, volunteers, and custom fields. Church Metrics is a clean way to track the ebbs and flow of your ministry.

4k World Map by YWAM

With the help of a leading cartographer, YWAM divided the world into 4,000 Omega Zones, which are like zip codes with geopolitcal boundaries that make sense. The goal is to track the spiritual needs, percent evangelized, and number of Christian workers in each region. It is a work in progress but is a significant step towards using big data for global missions.

Giving Technology

Lepton Giving Technology


Free via iOS & browser
Lepton is designed to foster a culture of generosity. For churches and nonprofits, Lepton provides a streamlined way to reach donors as well as donation analytics. It has launched in the UK and will be coming to the United States in the near future.

Church of (Lexington) by Zach Whelchel

Zach Whelchel spent a year creating open-source software that can be used to help Christians collaborate around needs and mission. Using his hometown of Lexington, KY, Zach built out a list of key churches and ministries throughout the metro as well as their needs. For example, Nathaniel Mission needed 4 computers. One family needed help paying their utilities. A refugee family needed a table. Church-of.com is fantastic execution on an idea that many have dreamed to create. Now you can use his code for free via GitHub and launch a need sharing network for your own city.

Kindrid by LifeChurch.tv + OneHope

Let people donate via text, in-app, and online giving and then track it with analytics. Many churches using Kindrid have reported increased donations and even new donors once that began offering text donations.


Tithe.ly is another popular church giving solution offering mobile app giving, a website widget, automated giving, downloadable data, text message giving, streamlined admin giving, and church database integration.

Worthy to Escape By Marlon Lee Sias


48 years of comprehensive study and research in one book. Hundreds of Scripture references at your fingertips to address those difficult questions.
Is it possible that God has brought forth His truth on the end-times and the return of Christ in stages especially in the last 3 centuries? Does Daniel 12:4, 9 &10 hold the key to God’s restoring the futuristic truths of the post-tribulationism in the 1700’s, Pre-tribulationism in the 1800’s and most recently in 1989 the pre-wrath return of Christ viewpoint? Could each have a portion of truth, when taken together will reveal God’s full truth concerning His return? The authors have written “Worthy to Escape” which brings forth 3 events concerning Christ’s return; that bring forth aspects of truth from each of these viewpoints. Come explore with them through 263 scripture passages how God is revealing much of His end-times truth concerning His return (60% of the book), the Antichrist, the Tribulations, the wrath of God, the fall of the city of Babylon, Armageddon, Israel, Jews, and the Millennium. Check out what others say about it at: http://worthytoescape.net


Worthy to Escape makes for a thoroughly intriguing read! It is rare for Christians to apply the Hebraic traditions regarding marriage to the rapture. That and the book’s strong focus on spiritual intimacy set it apart from the majority of end times writings.” —Messianic Rabbi Ed Rothman, Hon. M. Div., Hon. Dr. M.S. & J.C., Seed of Abraham Messianic Congregation, St. Louis Park, MN

“Everyone should become familiar with the first fruits rapture. I highly recommend this book!” —Rev. J. McCracken, Team Leader, TrueBridge Family of Churches

“Any student of eschatology needs to read this book and consider its insights. Bible colleges and seminaries should use it as a reference work and make it required reading.” —Pastor T. Porta, Grace Gospel Church, Cambridge, MN       

   From the Inside Flap

“…Jesus is not coming to rescue lukewarm groups of halfhearted followers. He won’t be gathering people steeped in the mores of the world yet eager to escape the coming wrath of God. Rather, the parable of the ten virgins shows clearly that our coming King is expecting a bride who has been actively anticipating and preparing herself for His arrival.
No matter where you are at in your walk with Jesus or where you stand on the topic of the end times, we desire to take you on a journey in this book. It will be a journey deep into God’s Word, venturing into parts of Scripture that you may have never read before or that may have seemed like an undecipherable secret message. We will explore unfulfilled prophecies and connect truths throughout the pages of the Bible that may have seemed disconnected, hard to understand, and unrelated to our daily lives. As you enter into the revelation of God’s will for these final days of church history, we pray that you will discover a greater meaning and purpose about these times that we live in.”
–Quote from Chapter 1, Introduction

   From the Back Cover

“Worthy to Escape makes for a thoroughly intriguing read! It is rare for Christians to apply the Hebraic traditions regarding marriage to the rapture. That and the book’s uncompromising focus on spiritual intimacy set it apart from the great majority of end times writings. Based on biblically-conservative scholarship, the authors skillfully dissect popular assumptions about the rapture, and convincingly point toward a two-fold fulfillment of Jesus’ second coming.”
–Messianic Rabbi Ed Rothman, Hon. M. Div., Hon. Dr. M.S. & J.C., 
Seed of Abraham Messianic Congregation, St. Louis Park, MN

“Everyone should become familiar with the first fruits rapture. I highly recommend this book!”
–Rev. J. McCracken, Team Leader, TrueBridge Family of Churches

“Any student of eschatology needs to read this book and consider its insights. Bible colleges and seminaries should use it as a reference work and make it required reading.”
–Pastor T. Porta, Grace Gospel Church, Cambridge, MN

“I wholeheartedly recommend this innovative scholarly resource to all who are willing
to engage with a fresh perspective on this important topic. What an intriguing read!”
–Pastor R. Murphy, Restoration Life Church, Grand Rapids, MN


Interview with Don Richardson Continues to Expand the Blessing Beyond Boundaries Vision


One, gains an unmistakable impression that the Sky- God wanted to communicate with people of various folk religions all the time, but for His own mysterious reasons maintained a policy of restraint until the arrival of Yahweh’s testimony! This is surely a powerful exta-biblical evidence for the authenticity of the Bible as revelation from the one true and universal God! Don Richardson

Eugene Bach recently met with international speaker and author of best-selling books, including Eternity in their Hearts and Peace Child, Don Richardson.

In his book, Heaven Wins, Don reflects on the words of C S Lewis: “Free will, though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having.” This reflects the life and commitment of Don Richardson, who has devoted his life to missions, and put much of his experience and studies into his writings.

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Originally from Canada, Don spent fifteen years with his wife and young family as a missionary in the West Papua jungles. During this time he lived among the Sawi tribe who honoured treachery as a virtue. When he shared the gospel of Jesus with them, they hailed Judas Iscariot as the hero of the story. They admired the fact that he had betrayed Jesus. Approaching the gospel from his Western viewpoint was not reaching into the hearts of the Sawi. It was then that Don began to understand that a redemptive analogy was needed to reach the tribe.

A redemptive analogy is a component in a culture that God has placed so that when a messenger brings the good news of Jesus, it will make sense. It’s like finding the fingerprint of God that is already on that culture.

The redemptive analogy for the Sawi tribe was found in the form of a ‘peace child’. A child was given from one warring tribe to their enemies to bring about peace. This paved the way for Don to share about Christ with the tribe. To this day, there are numerous Christians in West Papua because of Don’s perseverance to find a component of their culture that they could relate to the redemption of Christ.

When the terrorist attacks of 2001 highlighted the threat that Islam had become to the church, Don knew that he needed to study the Koran in depth. Through his studies, Don found a redemptive analogy that would be relevant to Muslims. This breakthrough has enabled Christians to reach out to Muslims in a relevant and effective way. Don shares his findings in his book, Secrets of the Koran.

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Eugene Bach had the opportunity to catch up with Don and hear more of his extensive knowledge about Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures. You can listen to this Podcast by clicking on the link below:


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Blessing Beyond Boundaries is Truly Eternally in Our Hearts

SouthAmericaA while ago I read the book “Eternity In Their Hearts” by Don Richardson. Without a doubt this is one of the best books I’ve ever read, so that’s why I want you to read it, too.

Don Richardson is a former missionary who spent about 15 years living among the Sawi people of western New Guinea with his family. He wrote another book about his experiences with this tribe entitled “Peace Child”, although a brief summary of is also contained in “Eternity In Their Hearts”.

“Eternity In Their Hearts” is made up of two parts: First, how the nations are prepared for the gospel, and second, how the gospel is prepared for the nations. It is a mix of three different literary styles: scientifically sound research, edifying spiritual content directly from the heart, and fictional narratives of true historical events for illustration. The main point Don Richardson tries to get across, and he backs this up with scientific and biblical proof, is that every person and every culture has “eternity” set “in their hearts”.

What does this mean? Everybody knows there is some kind of purpose in life. Even if you don’t think there is a purpose, you are probably living as if there is. Everyone is hoping for a hereafter where we will live forever. Everybody is waiting for liberation and salvation. And God has not left any culture without a witness or indication of himself.310812_273187609387366_380757042_n

Looking at the best part first, the second part of the book, Richardson turns our attention to the Bible and shows plainly that this book has an undeniable “all peoples perspective”. Beginning with the “Abrahamic covenant” in Genesis 12, Don shows that God planned to make salvation possible for everyone right from the get-go! For in Genesis 12, God speaks to Abraham that “in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” (verse 3). Throughout the rest of the Old Testament, God continually reinforces this promise to bring the Gentiles into his covenant with the Jews through prophets. But no Jew understood the full extent of God’s promise.

Jesus in the New Testament clearly teaches that the gospel is meant for all people (for example through healing the servant of a Roman centurion, telling a story about a good Samaritan, speaking to a Samaritan woman by the well, or preaching about Nineveh and the Queen of Sheba). At the end of his ministry he draws from all his previous teachings on the “all peoples perspective” and sends out his disciples to the ends of the earth (Matthew 28, Mark 16, Acts 1). We call this the “Great Commission”.

At the very latest Paul the apostle, as seen in the book of Acts, finally lives out this commission and is the first person to effectively bring the gospel to Gentiles. The other apostles take much longer to act upon the commission of their Lord Jesus Christ. Traditional, non-biblical accounts however tell us that every one of them finally also got out of Jerusalem and went to the farthest corners of the then known world, even as far as southern India. Over the next two thousand years missionaries like Paul have undeniably been one of the most important factors in world history.

Throughout the New Testament we read that God finally fulfilled his promise to Abraham and that the gospel has been made accessible to all people. The Bible even ends with the fabulous prospect of all tribes and all languages being represented in heaven (Revelations 7:9).

From beginning to end, the Bible teaches what Don Richardson calls the “all peoples perspective”.

In the first part of the book, Don Richardson recounts accounts of how the message of Jesus Christ came to different tribes and cultures over the last two thousand years. He starts out with the interesting story of the apostle Paul bringing the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection to Greek intellectuals (read it in Acts 17). In this chapter of the Bible, Paul claims that an altar the Greeks built to an “unknown God” was actually built to the one true God. Don Richardson fills us in on some Greek history and reveals that the Greeks in fact did build this altar to the God who created everything there is. They built the altar because this God saved them from a plague, but he didn’t reveal his name. Don narrates how Epimenides of Crete instructed the Greeks to sacrifice to God in the correct manner to be saved from this plague.

Richardson continues to give us accounts of missionaries who, over the next two millennia, brought the good news of Jesus Christ to various tribes and cultures by using the “witnesses” God already placed within those cultures. He emphasises one important thing: Christians shouldn’t (like many have sadly done over the centuries) try to impose our Western culture on other peoples. Rather, weshould adopt their culture while living among them, and try to recognise the parts within their own culture that God planted there to prepare them for the gospel. Missionaries who respect and accept the culture of the people they are living with will have: a) genuinely better relationships and more fun with those people and b) exponentially more people giving their lives to Jesus Christ.

It is a common belief that many tribal cultures are either animistic or polytheistic. This belief goes back to evolutionary thinking spreading from biology into all other areas of science (animism evolving to monotheism as the population becomes more advanced). But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Research over the years has shown time and time again that there is a monotheistic root to most primitive religions. This means that the original belief of most cultures was in one true God, the God who created them and everything else. Many tribes have stories that their own decisions separated them from this God long ago. Some of them have the hope that someday they will be reconciled with him. Some even have prophecies that someone from the outside will bring them a message or a book that will help them to be reconciled with their creator God.

It is also a common belief that missionaries aren’t effective. Most people can’t believe that “enforcing” a belief upon foreign cultures can produce a significant number of converts. Perhaps you are reading this now and believe that the average missionary sees maybe five to ten people convert to Christianity per year. This could not be further from the truth! Missionaries who make use of the “witnesses” that God planted in every culture have seen thousands of people come to Christ per year. Some have even brought entire civilisations to Christ! What is important to remember here is that we are not eliminating their culture and imposing Western values on them. The opposite is the case: we are honouring and, through Christ, giving them an even deeper understanding of their own culture. In many cases we are even restoring their original cultural values to them that have been destroyed by the Western influences of alcohol and drugs!

This first part of the book contains lots of information and is well-rooted in scientific research. I recommend this part to everyone who is remotely interested in anthropology, archaeology, or generally in the various beliefs of different tribes. Even if you’re not in the slightest a Christian, it will make for an interesting read.

But this book review is long enough. “Eternity In Their Hearts” has become one of my favorite books. Don Richardson is the man! His research, personal experiences as a missionary, and understanding of the Bible are amazing. I learned many new things that have completely changed my perspective on the different cultures and religions of this world. The book was both an eye opener and a heart opener. My heart for missions were renewed and rekindled. Please do me a favour and read it for yourself!

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Louis Wilson Ingram On The Street Where Christ Lives Because in Christ He Found It All

RIP: Louis Wilson Ingram passed away this afternoon while resting in his wheel chair in Northern Virginia near where he changed history. Watch as he shares the one truth he wanted passed on to next generation. With each day Louis Ingram Esq. smiled more because another less fortunate child has come to Christ at Christian Schools, because he heard Christ’s call to stand against President Carter’s attempts to take way their tax exempt status. “With Christ you have it all”, the aging patriot with little of worldly success around him says to next generation. Though without children or family of his own, Ingram is sought to pass on the pillars of freedom, asking MD Sias to coauthor & publish this lawyer’s legal prowess that prevailed against Presidents, including An Inconvenient Constitution. May otherwise forgotten patriots who may have had titles like Head of US Congress Republican Study Committee, be remembered for working to help children come to Christ. He passed away on the day that film #GodIsNotDead is continuing his legacy of defending religious liberty in schools. In accordance with his wishes, MD Sias is notifying friends and family, with arrangements for his ashes to be laid to rest being made by Ingram’s sister Diane.For publication of the works he asked MD Sias to coauthor with him, like this page. For more information call 757-559-1563. Last remembrances can be share by commenting on this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/louis.w.ingram?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

Here is the Full Copy of Louis’ Ingram’s Song…

Below is one snippet of his book…performed in a way reflecting Louis’s desire to get the Constitution out to otherwise would not read it.



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A Case For LifeOvercome – When Beauty Dies (hardcore)
Baby’s PrayerKathy Troccoli – Love & Mercy (pop)
Better Than Life – Acappella – Better Than Life
Broken – 12 Stones – 12 Stones (rock, 2002)
Broken PeopleKJ-52 (2009)
Burden in Your HandsUnderoathActs of Depression
By What Right?Slick Shoes – Rusty (pop punk)
Children Can LiveDC TalkNu Thang
Clean Heart – Fred Hammond – Purpose by Design (r&b)
Days of Our Lives – SaGoh 24/7 – sa goh twenty four seven (punk)
Eric’s Song – 12 Stones – 12 Stones (rock, 2002)
Execution – Grammatrain – Lonely House
Fiend or Foul – Rez Band – Innocent Blood
Final Request – Value Pac – Value Pac
Fight to Live – Flatfoot 56
Gentle RevolutionScott Krippayne – More (1998)
Girl’s Song – Ninety Pound Wuss – Ninety Pound Wuss
Hey WorldPetra – Unseen Power (rock)
Hear Their CrySeraiah – Carnival World (metal ballad, 1990)
HolocaustsA Plea For Purging – Depravity (metalcore, 2009)
I Cry In My Sleep – The Wayside
I’ll Be Good to You, BabyAndrae Crouch – Don’t Give Up
I Was Alive – Randy Rose – Sacrificium
If We Only Had the HeartBruce Carroll – Sometimes Miracles Hide
It’s Not the TimeKendall Payne – Jordan’s Sister (1999)
Just WordsAlakrityWhatever Happened to Good TV? (2008)
Killing the Innocent – Greg Minier – Minier
Legal Kill – King’s X – Faith, Hope and LoveWorship
Lesser Things – Jars of Clay – Who We Are Instead
Little OnesPhil Keaggy – Ph’lip Side
Little Children – Resurrection Band – Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore
LoyaltyBrian “Head” Welch – Save Me From Myself (2008)
LucySkillet – Awake (2009)
MaledictionAtomic Opera – Gospel Cola (2000)
Mother May I – Rocketboy – No Sign of Intelligent Life (1996)
Operation RescueLust Control – We Are Not Ashamed (punk)
Parasite – Outer Circle
Price CheckCrux – Failure to Yield
Red EarthElder – Used to be Adorable
Right 2 Be – Cauzin Efekt – Famlee Affair (rap)
Right to Life – Crashdog – Pursuit of Happiness
Screams of the Voiceless – Grave Robber (horrorpunk)
Sea of Blood – Radiohalo – Illumination
See No EvilHoly Soldier – Holy Soldier (metal)
Sibling RivalrySackcloth Fashion (1999, hip hop)
Sometimes When We LoveBruce Carroll – Sometimes Miracles Hide
Spin – Taking Back Sunday (2009)
Tears FallBarlowGirl (2009)
The Child in Silence – Saviour Machine – Saviour Machine II
The ChoiceAl Denson – Take Me to the Cross (pop)
The Survivor – Phil Keaggy – Underground; True Believer
This Time – John Elefante (2013)
What Was I Supposed to Be? – Ray Boltz – Watch the Lamb
When Angels Cry – Tamplin – We the People
While You Were Sleeping Casting CrownsPeace On Earth; Lifesong (2005)
Who Were You? – Vector – Time Flies
Won’t Back Down – NIV – No Compromise (punk)
Your Escape – Tragedy Ann – Viva la Revolucion (2000)
Your Pretty Baby – Seventy Sevens – All Fall Down

abstinence until marriage (see also singleness, lust/sexual purity)

Abstain – Jesse and the Rockers – T.I.N. (pop punk)
Ain’t No Safe Way – Michael Sweet – Michael Sweet (rock)
Average GirlBarlowGirl – BarlowGirl (2004)
Barlowe GirlsSuperchic[k]Karaoke Superstars
DismissedZOEGirl – Life; Smash-Ups
Everything – Stacie Orrico (pop)
FourplayDa’ T.R.U.T.H. – Moment of Truth (hip hop, 2004)
Give Me One Reason – ZOEgirl – ZOEgirl (pop)
I Can’t Give It Up – Stacie Orrico – Beautiful Awakening
I Don’t Wanna Go There – Mad at the World – Flowers In The Rain
I Don’t Want ItDC Talk – Free at Last (see I Cor 6:12-19, 7:8-9; I Thessalonians 4:1-8)
I PromiseJaci Velasquez – Heavenly Place (pop)
I’m Gonna Wait – B.O.B. – It’s a Ska-Ska-Ska-Ska World (ska?)
Isn’t Sex A Wonderful Thing?Mad at the World – Boomerang
It’s Gonna Be Worth ItLisa Bevill – My Freedom (pop) (see Eph 5:3; I John 2:16; Exodus 20:12; Prov 1:8-9)
Light of Love – Sam Phillips – Dancing With Danger
Love Waits – Buddy Greene
Love Waits – Michael James – Where Love Runs Deep (1995)
Love Will Wait – Gina – All About Love
My Body – Trin-i-tee 5:7 – Spiritual Love
No – Foreverafter – Foreverafter
Not That Kinda GirlRansom – Soul Asylum
Old Enough to KnowMichael W. SmithFirst Decade
Pledge to PurityAl Denson – Do You Know This Man? (pop)
Runnin’Enock – AWEthentic (hip hop)
Same Mistakes – Paul Colman Trio – Turn
Slow FadeCasting Crowns – The Altar and the Door (2008)
Social ButterflyLast Tuesday – Composition
Street Lies – Transformation Crusade – Makin’ It Happen (rap)
Superman Sun – Quayle – Quayle
The One – Phat Chance – Without You (pop)
The Situation – Krystal Meyers – Dying for a Heart
The Touch – Send the Beggar – Closer to Complete (pop/rock, 1999)
There Is A Love – Out of Eden – Lovin’ the Day (r&b ballad)
Virginity DiseaseLust Control – We Are Not Ashamed (punk)
Wait A Little Longer – Wayne Watson – Field of Souls
Wait for MeRebecca St. James – Transform; Wait For Me: The Best of Rebecca St. James (pop)
Wait for YouKJ-52 – Collaborations (hip hop, 2002)
Walk the Line – Killed by Cain – Killed by Cain (metal)
Yesterday’s Actions, Tomorrow’s Regrets – Side Walk Slam – Past Remains (pop punk, 2001)
Your Owls Are HootingShowbread – Age Of Reptiles

abundant life

All About YouNate Sallie – Inside Out (2003)
Great AdventureSteven Curtis Chapman – Great Adventure (pop)
LifeAudio AdrenalineAudio Adrenaline
More Fun Than Sin – NewSong – Love Revolution
No Better PlaceSteven Curtis Chapman – For the Sake of the Call
No Taboo – White Heart – Emergency Broadcast
Pure – Superchick – Beauty From Pain, Beauty From Pain 1.1
This is the Life – ETW – Stop! the Wild Hype (rap)
This is the Life – Phillips, Craig, and Dean
UndefeatedAudio AdrenalineUntil My Heart Caves In
Up and UpRelient K – < type=”amzn”>Five Score And Seven Years Ago
What Could Be Better – 33Miles – 33 Miles


See Step-Parenting


A Scarlet Thread of Faith – Tuesday’s Child – The More Things Change
Annie and the Aztec Cross – Michael McDermott
Do You Feel Their Pain?Steve Camp – Justice
FahrenheitFive Iron Frenzy – All the Hype Money Can Buy (ska)
For All of Us – Tanya Goodman-Sykes – Innocent Eyes
Gentle RevolutionScott Krippayne – More (1998)
Handshake – Blackeyed Sceva
If We Only Had the HeartBruce Carroll – Sometimes Miracles Hide
Stickman – Pierce Pettis – Chase the Buffalo


See Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking/Addictions


AngelsAll Star United – All Star United
Angels – Virus – Odd (trip hop)
Chorus of AngelsHaste the Day – Pressure The Hinges
Visited by an AngelMortificationTriumph of Mercy; Hammer of God (metal)
WarriorsSacred Warrior – Wicked Generation; Classics (metal)
With The Angels – Michelle Tumes – Centre Of My Universe

animal abuse

Ark of SufferingTourniquetStop the Bleeding (metal)
By What Right?Slick Shoes – Rusty (pop punk)
Going.. Going.. GoneTourniquet – Crawl to China (metal)
Stereotaxic AtrocitiesTourniquetPsycho Surgery (metal)


DimentiaBeliever (metal)
I Know You’re There – John Elefante
More Faith Than Me – Betrayal (metal)
Soak Your Brain – Lovewar – Soak Your Brain (hard rock)

backsliding/friends who have fallen away from the faith (see also coming back to the lord)

Back in His ArmsMark Schultz – Song Cinema
Come on Back – Calibretto 13 – Enter the Danger Brigade
Day’s End – Brandtson (hard rock/emo)
Do It Again – Lisa Page – More Than You Will Ever Know
Don’t Say GoodbyeThird Day – Time
Fall AwayBeBe and CeCe Winans – Everlasting Love
Holes in His Hands – Seven Places – Hear Us Say Jesus (2004)
Just Pretending – Children of the Day
Not The Criminal – Teramaze
SlipSix Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled (hardcore, 1996)
TurnUnashamed – Reflection (hardcore)
What Have You Been Doing Lately?Relient KThe Anatomy of the Tongue and Cheek
Whatever Happened to Your LoveSeraiah – Seraiah (metal ballad)

boldness (see also compromise, witnessing)

AftershockPillar – Where Do We Go From Here
Best Kept SecretSkillet – Invincible
Blaze of GloryAudio AdrenalineAdios: The Greatest Hits
Blessed are the PersecutedOvercome – Blessed are the Persecuted (hardcore)
Bottle RocketGuardian – Bottle Rocket; Smashes (rock)
Bring It OnEveryday Sunday – Anthems For The Imperfect
Can I Get a Witness?DC Talk – Nu Thang
Can’t Shut Up – Anthem Lights – Anthem Lights (2011)
Come AliveBarlowGirlLove & War (2009)
E for ExtinctionThousand Foot Krutch – Welcome to the Masquerade (2009)
Fall In LineSeven Places – Hear Us Say Jesus (2004)
FearlessBuilding 429 – Rise
Freedom FighterCreed – Weathered
God Is Not a SecretNewsboysTake Me to Your Leader (1996)
Groove – Kid Promise – My Generation (pop, 1994)
I Represent Him – Khul Rhema – What the World Needs Now (crunk hip-hop)
If Loving God Was A CrimeBig Tent Revival – Open All Nite; Big Tent Revival Greatest Hits
Jesus Is Still AlrightDC Talk – Free at Last; Intermission; Greatest Hits (see Phil 1:20; I Peter 4:16; Romans 1:16, 10:11)
Jesus FreakDC Talk – Jesus Freak; Welcome to the Freak Show; Greatest Hits
Keep Quiet – Barlow Girl – How Can We Be Silent
LoudKutlessTo Know That You’re Alive (rock, 2008)
Loud N’ Clear – Stryper – Yellow and Black Attack; Live in Puerto Rico; Roxx Regime Demos (metal)
Let It OutShaded Red
Make Some NoiseKrystal Meyers – Make Some Noise (2008)
MessagesSanctus Real – Fight the Tide
New AmericansGeoff Moore & the Distance – Home Run; Greatest Hits (rock)
No ApologyBeliever – Dimensions (metal)
Not AshamedNewsboys – Not Ashamed; Greatest Hits
Plantin’ A SeedD-Boy – Plantin A Seed (rap)
Rise UpDisciple – Back Again
Sacred TrustPetraJekyll & Hyde (rock, 2005)
Say ItBritt Nicole – Say It (pop, 2007)
Salt & LightAugust Burns Red – Leveler
SecretAudio Adrenaline – Bloom (1996)
Shut Up and PlaySupertonesSupertones Strike Back (ska, 1997)
Start a FireAudio Adrenaline – Worldwide
State of EmergencyPillar – For The Love Of The Game (2008)
Testify – Tamplin – Tamplin (hard rock)
This is Your TimeMichael W. SmithThe Second Decade 1993-2003
Tiptoehoi Polloi – Happy Ever After (alt rock, 1996)
We Are Not AshamedCarmanMission 3:16
We’re a BandAudio AdrenalineDon’t Censor Me; Live Bootleg; Hit Parade; Adios Greatest Hits (rock)
Wear Your Colors – Rick Cua – Wear Your Colors
Whether They Like It Or NotDisciple – By God
Worldwide Socialites UniteAll Star United – International Anthems… (rock, 1998)
You’re the Voice – Rebecca St. James – God

breakups (see also singleness)

AirplaneDay Of Fire – Losing All (2010)
All Good Generals – Dakoda Motor Co. – Into the Son
Apathy for ApologiesEveryday Sunday – Wake Up! Wake Up!
Art of War – Anberlin – Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place
Better Off – Snax – The Snax (2000)
Better Times – Kids in the Way – Love Hate Masquerade
Broken Road12 Stones – Anthem For The Underdog (rock, 2007)
CrazyHoly Soldier – Last Train (hard rock)
Crying Over YouBarren Cross – State of Control (metal ballad)
Don’t Say That It’s OverGuardianSwing Swang Swung
Hurt So Bad – Nouveaux – Beginnings (rock ballad, 1994)
I’ll Get Over It (Miss Elaineous)Everyday Sunday – Wake Up! Wake Up!
Independence DayBrave Saint Saturn – So Far From Home
It’s OverHawk Nelson – Smile, It’s The End Of The World (2006)
Now You’re GoneEveryday Sunday – Wake Up! Wake Up!
Retrace – Anberlin – New Surrender
Say GoodbyeSkillet – Comatose
Second ChanceMichael Sweet – Real
Share It With MeFamily Force Five – Dance or Die (2008)
StayPFR – Pray For Rain (ballad)
StrandedPlumbcandycoatedwaterdrops; Best Of Plumb (pop, 2000)
The Changing Of TimesUnderoath – The Changing Times
TimeNevertheless – Live Like We’re Alive (2006)
Ugly Day – Five Iron Frenzy – Proof that the Youth are Revolting (ska, 1999)
Wishes – Superchic[k] – Beauty From Pain (2005)
X-Girlfriend – Family Force Five – Business Up Front/Party In The Back
When I’m AloneNevertheless – In the Making… (2008)
When I See YouDay Of Fire – Losing All (2010)
Young Love – ETW – Let’s Stay Together; Ain’t Nobody Dyin’ But Us (rap)


LymphosarcomaMortificationScrolls of the Megilloth; Hammer of God (death metal, 1992)
Triumph of MercyMortificationTriumph of Mercy (metal, 1998)

child abuse

Angel In Disguise – Pillar – The Reckoning
Ask MeAmy Grant – Heart in Motion (pop, 1991)
Broken ChromosomesTourniquetPsycho Surgery (metal)
Broken Toys – B.J. Thomas
DamagedPlumbcandycoatedwaterdrops; Best Of Plumb (pop, 2000)
Drunkinthespirit – T-Bone – Redeemed Hoodlum (rap)
Family Values – Dogwood – Through Thick and Thin
Falling Downhoi Polloi – Happy Ever After (1996)
He – Jars of Clay – Jars of Clay (rock, 1996)
Little SecretsSacred Warrior – Wicked Generation (metal, 1990)
Lucrece – Ballydowse – The Land, the Bread, the People
Neglected – Focal Point – Suffering of the Masses
No Longer A Child – Seventh Angel – Lament for the Weary (metal)
Prayer for the Children – Allies – Virtue
Promise YouKutlessTo Know That You’re Alive (rock, 2008)
The Secret Lust Control – We Are Not Ashamed (punk)
The Skeezix DilemmaTourniquetPathogenic Ocular Dissonance (metal, 1993)
Taboo – Mancy A’lan Kane
Unforgivable – Plumb – Plumb
What Is Love? – Pax 217 – Engage

Christ’s crucifixion

Blood SacrificeMortificationBreak the Curse 1990 (metal)
Butchered Mutilation Mortification – Double Album Digipak (metal)
Didn’t He – Randy Matthews – Son of Dust
Feel the Nails – Ray Boltz – The Altar
He DiedSacred Warrior – Rebellion
If I Was ThereTourniquetCrawl to China (1997)
Immaculate MurderA Plea For Purging – Depravity (metalcore, 2009)
It Is Done – Mastedon – Lofcaudio
It Is Finished – Petra – Beat The System
Not Just Any Other Day – John Elefante – Corridors
Once And For AllWhite Heart – Highlands (1993)
The Cross (Three Hours)Shai Linne – Atonement
The Hammer – Ray Boltz – The Altar
The Sacrifice – Wayne Watson – New Lives for Old
The Killing – The Violet Burning – Chosen
This BloodCarmanRevival in the Land
This Is LoveKutless – Believer (2012)
This Is What He Went Through – SFC (rap)
SacrificeInsyderzMotor City Ska (1997)
SacrificedOvercome – Blessed are the Persecuted (hardcore)
Thorns – Demon Hunter – Storm the Gates of Hell
Upon Your HillSeven Places – Hear Us Say Jesus (2004)
Watch the LambRay Boltz – Moments from the Heart
Watching, WaitingExtreme – Extreme
When You Walked up That Hill – Rick Alitzer – Blue Plate Special
Written in the Scars – Gary Chapman – Light Inside, Shelter
YahwehStryper – Fallen (2015)
You’re Still on His Mind – Mylon LeFevre – Mylon

Christ’s life

EnVision EvangelineMortificationEnVision Evangeline (metal)
The King (Alleluia)DC Talk – dc Talk; Yo! Ho Ho!
Secret AmbitionMichael W. SmithI 2 (Eye) (1988)
StrangerHoly Soldier – Holy Soldier
The Answer – Stryken – First Strike
Whatcha Gonna Do With the Cross – Transformation Crusade – Makin’ It Happen (rap, 1991)

Christ’s resurrection

Easter Song – Keith Green – For Him Who Has Ears To Hear
He Came, He Saw, He ConqueredPetra – This Means War; Petrafied; Rock Block; Double Take; Farewell (rock)
He’s Alive – Don Francisco – Forgiven
Journey of ReconciliationMortificationMortification (metal)
Mary – Dana Key – Part of the Mystery
My Redeemer Lives Mark Heard – At The Foot Of The Cross; High Noon
Risen TodayAaron Shust – This Is What We Believe
Sunday’s on the WayCarman – Shakin’ the House Live
The Answer – MyChildren MyBride – Unbreakable (metalcore, 2008)
The ChampionCarman – The Champion
The MessiahBloodgood; Tourniquet – Detonation; Intense Live
The Victor – Keith Green – No Compromise
That’s How Much – Kathy Troccoli – Sounds Of Heaven (pop)


Cassie – Flyleaf – Flyleaf EP
Cassie’s SongThe Kry – Let Me Say
I’ll Say Yes – Rick Alitzer – Neon Fixation
The Martyr – Charlie Daniels – Road Dogs
The Ones Left Standing – Wayne Watson
This Is Your TimeMichael W. SmithThis Is Your Time
Yes, I Believe in God – Rebecca St. James

coming back to the lord/the prodigal son

All In My HeadSeven Places – Hear Us Say Jesus
Already HomeThousand Foot Krutch – Welcome To The Masquerade
Back in His ArmsMark Schultz – Song Cinema
Baptized in FireCorpus Christi – The Darker Shades Of White
Breaking AwaySeventh Day Slumber – Finally Awake (rock, 2007)
Come Back HomeKutless – Believer
Coming Down Is Calming Down – Underoath – Lost In The Sound Of Separation (2008)
Coming HomeWhitecross – High Gear
Down with the Ship – Seven Day Jesus
EmptyBuilding 429 – Rise
Falling For YouLeeland – Opposite Way (2008)
Falling OverDisciple – Back Again
ForgivenSkillet – Awake
Go AheadFireflight – Unbreakable
Hold Me In Your Arms – John Elefante – Windows of Heaven
Hole in my HandDay of Fire – Cut and Move
Home AgainPFR – Pray for Rain
I Miss the RainBride – Snakes in the Playground (metal ballad, 1993)
I Found My Way Back AgainNevertheless – In the Making… (2008)
I Want You Back in my Life – ETW – ETW; Ain’t Nobody Dyin’ But Us (rap)
I Won’t Run AwayAshes Remain – What I’ve Become
If I Could SeeHaste the Day – When Everything Falls
It’s MeNevertheless – Live Like We’re Alive (2006)
Learning To FallThis Beautiful Republic – Perceptions
Let It OutPillar – Where Do We Go From Here (2004)
Love MeHoly Soldier – Holy Soldier (metal)
Never Be The SameRed – Innocence & Instinct
On My Way HomeSeventh Day Slumber – Finally Awake (rock, 2007)
Passionate ManGeoff Moore & the Distance – Pure and Simple
Phantom LimbTourniquetPathogenic Ocular Dissonance, Intense Live (metal)
PiecesRed – End Of Silence
Prodigal – Casting Crowns – Lifesong
Prodigal – Send the Beggar/Christine Glass – Send the Beggar (pop rock)
Quick TimeSix Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled (hardcore, 1996)
QuickenThousand Foot Krutch – Phenomenon
ReconnectingTaitLose This Life (rock, 2003)
ResolutionSupertonesSupertones Strike Back; Unite
RevelationThird DayRevelation (2008), Live Revelations (2009)
RewindPillar – Where Do We Go From Here (2004)
Run To YouThird DayRevelation (2008), Live Revelations (2009)
Selfless – Teramaze – Not the Criminal
Sick and Tired of Being Sick and TiredDisciple – By God
Star of the ShowFireflight – The Healing of Harms
Start AgainRed – Innocence & Instinct (2009)
Take Me HomeMichael SweetMichael Sweet (rock, 1994)
The Altar and the DoorCasting Crowns – The Altar and the Door (2008)
The Last Time – Tragedy Ann
The Return – Buck Enterprises – Business As Usual
The Western WallSeven Places – Lonely For The Last Time
TourniquetEvanescence – Fallen
TurnUnashamed – Silence (hardcore)
Turning BackSacred Warrior – Obsessions (metal, 1991)
UndoneSeventh Day Slumber – Finally Awake (rock, 2007)
Way Back Home – Millions and Millions – Millions and Millions
Welcome HomeTammy Trent – You Have My Heart; Tammy Trent: The Early Years (pop)
Whatever It TakesNate Sallie – Inside Out (2003)
Whatever ReasonDisciple (rock ballad)
Without YouNate Sallie – Inside Out (2003)
YouBritt Nicole – Say It (2007)
You DecideFireflight – The Healing of Harms

complacency / apathy

AlarmaDaniel Amos – Alarma!
Anybody Out There? – Burlap to Cashmere – Anybody Out There?
ApathyOvercome – Blessed are the Persecuted (hardcore)
Apathy – Siloam – Dying To Live
Apathy Alert – DeGarmo and Key
Asleep In The LightKeith Green – No Compromise
Break the ChainUnashamed – Silence (hardcore punk)
Chapter 1 – John Reuben
Comfort ZoneEveryday Sunday – Anthems For The Imperfect
Do What You Said – Eli – Now the News
Even When – Seven Places – Hear Us Say Jesus
First Degree Apathy – Resurrection Band – Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore
Four Fifty OneFive Iron Frenzy – All The Hype That Money Can Buy (ska)
Goin’ Through the MotionsMichael W. Smith – Big Picture
Heart of Stone – Underoath – Acts of Desperation
I RefuseJosh Wilson
It’s About TimeNate Sallie – Inside Out (2003)
Land Of Nod – Susan Ashton – Wakened By The Wind
Lethargic DurationOvercome – Immortal Until Their Work is Done
Lost in a Haze – One Eighty – Crackerjack
Moving For The Sake Of MotionUnderoath – Define The Great Line
My Way or the HighwayRelient KThe Anatomy of the Tongue and Cheek
Need I Remind YouJohn Schlitt – Unfit for Swine (rock)
Not With a Bang – The Frantics – Meet the Frantics (2000)
Rattle Your CageBarren Cross – Rattle Your Cage (metal, 1994)
Slacking – One Eighty – Crackerjack
Sleeping – Randy Stonehill – Thirst
Sleeping InNevertheless – In the Making… (2008)
The Last LetterMichael W. Smith – The Big Picture
The MotionsMatthew West – Something to Say; Wow #1s (2010)
The ScatteringGeoff Moore – Threads
TomorrowCrystal Lewis – Gold
Wake the DeadJohn Schlitt – Shake (rock)
Wake Up – Leeland – Opposite Way (2008)
Wake Up! Wake Up!Everyday Sunday – Wake Up! Wake Up!
What If His People Prayed – Casting Crowns – Casting Crowns
Wherever The Wind BlowsPillar – The Reckoning
Worship ConspiracyDisciple – This Might Sting a Little

compromise (see also boldness)

Enough is EnoughWhitecross – Whitecross (metal)
God is Not a SecretNewsboysTake Me to Your Leader (1996)
It’s TrueNevertheless – In The Making…
Make My Life a Prayer To You – Keith Green; Joy Electric
My Friend (so long)DC TalkSupernatural
Never – Ultimatum – Symphonic Extremities (metal)
Not 4 SaleCarman – RIOT
Shut Up and PlaySupertonesSupertones Strike Back (ska, 1997)


Big Fat Happy Dayhoi Polloi – Happy Ever After (alt rock, 1996)
Changing Happy – Jadon Lavik – Life on the Inside
How You Live (Turn Up The Music)Point of Grace – How You Live
Jury DutySupertones – Loud and Clear; Live Vol. 1; Unite (ska)
Perspective – Seven Places – Hear Us Say Jesus (2004)
Pushin’ BroomTourniquetVanishing Lessons (metal, 1994)
Waiting for Tomorrow – Ginny Owens – Long Way Home
Whiney BritchesDisciple – By God

covers of 80’s songs by Christian artists

Cut – PlumbChaotic Resolve
LoveDay of Fire – Cut and Move
The KnifeKutless – Hearts of the Innocent

death/mortality (see also losing a loved one)

Angel of Death – Insyderz – The Sinner’s Songbook
Carry Me Down – Demon Hunter – Storm the Gates of Hell
Caught in an Unguarded Moment – Seventy Sevens
DeathbedRelient K – Five Score and Seven Years Ago
In Due TimeA Plea For Purging – Depravity (metalcore, 2009)
Now Watch the Man – Raspberry Jam
The KnifeKutless – Hearts of the Innocent
The LastUnderoath – Acts of Depression (hardcore)
Six Feet Under – Applehead – Meaning (grunge)
Terry Scott Taylor – A Briefing for the Ascent
Third World Think Tank – Five Iron Frenzy – Upbeats and Beatdowns
Upside Down KingdomAs I Lay Dying – The Powerless Rise

death penalty

Beyond Your Passion is His Passion – The Blamed – Forever
Free – Steven Curtis Chapman
Innocence LostSteve Taylor


A Way Back – Billy Sprague/Christine Dente – The Wind and the Wave
Invisible Hand – Billy Sprague – Serious Fun
Liberation – Echoing Green – Supernova (2000)

devotion to god/commitment

A Love So PureUnderoath – Acts of Desperation (hardcore)
All the WayNewsboys – God’s Not Dead (2012)
All YoursKutless – Believer (2012)
Breed – Embodyment – Embrace the Eternal (metal)
Bring the HeatDisciple – This Might Sting a Little
Burn For YoutobyMacAlive and Transported (2008)
CloserShawn McDonald – Closer (2011)
Devoted To You – Allies – Man With A Mission
For What It’s WorthSidewalk Prophets
Give It All AwaySidewalk Prophets
Give Until There’s Nothing LeftRelient KFive Score and Seven Years Ago
Hanging On – Everyday Sunday – Stand Up
HeyLeeland – Sound Of Melodies
I Cherish Thee – Kellye Huff – It’s Not Over (1998)
I Don’t Mind – This Train – You’re Soaking In It
I Know You’re CallingJeremy Camp – Stay
I Won’t Give Up – Everyday Sunday – Anthems For The Imperfect
I Would Drown – Chasing Furies – With Abandon (1999)
Into Your HeartSeven Places – Lonely For The Last Time
LandslideSeven Places – Lonely For The Last Time
Lifesong – Casting Crowns – Lifesong
Lift ItThousand Foot Krutch – Set It Off
Live For You Tonight – Everyday Sunday – Stand Up
Lose My SoulToby MacPortable Sounds; WOW Hits 2009
LostRed – End of Silence
Made To LoveToby Mac
No Matter WhatJeremy Camp – Beyond Measure
Only YouDisciple – Back Again
Pledge My Head To Heaven – Keith Green – So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt
RememberingDisciple – Back Again
SacrificeCorpus Christi – The Darker Shades Of White
Salt LampDisciple – By God
Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape – Underoath – They’re Only Chasing Safety (2004)
Stay The SameSeven Places – Lonely For The Last Time
Struggle Hidden TrackSix Feet Deep – Struggle (hardcore, 1994)
Take My LifeJeremy Camp – Stay
The One – Everyday Sunday – Anthems For The Imperfect
The StandMichael W. Smith
YourstobyMacAlive and Transported (2008)


After the Rain – Mancy A’lan Kane – Paper Moon
Broken Homes – Johnny Respect – Life Ain’t What It Used To Be (punk)
Bystander – EDL – Disgruntled
Caroline – Seventh Day Slumber
Cry of the Children – Ralph Graham and Day III – No Alternative
Deeper Still – Bebo Norman – Ten Thousand Days
Don’t Give UpSanctus Real – The Face Of Love
Help MeBloodgood – All Stand Together (1991)
It’s In God’s Hands Now – Anointed – The Call (r&b)
No Place Like Home – Pax 217 – Two Seventeen (2000)
SeparatedUnashamed – Reflection (hardcore)
StandJohn Schlitt – The Grafting (2009)
Tell Me WhyTaitEmpty (rock, 2001)
That’s What My Father Would DoAl Denson – Extra Mile (pop ballad)
These What AboutsBeBe & CeCe Winans – Relationships (1994)
What Did It Mean? – Sweet Comfort Band – Cutting Edge
You Should Have Stood by Her – Tom Stipe – Never Too Late (country)


Author of Life – Phil Joel – Watching Over You (2000)
Believe – Grammatrain – Lonely House
Downtown – Sarah Masen – Sarah Masen
Fade to BlackJars of Clay – Much Afraid
Going UnderThis Beautiful Republic – Perceptions
Lunar – Five O’Clock People – The Nothing Venture
Paradox – Sarah Jahn – Sparkle
Shifting SandCaedmon’s Call – 40 Acres
Something to SayStarfield – The Saving One (2010)
The Hand TremblerTourniquet – Collected Works
The RealNevertheless – Live Like We’re Alive (2006)
WildernessSupertones – Loud and Clear

drugs/alcohol/ smoking/ addictions

40 & a Blunt – ETW – Let’s Stay Together (rap)
AcidheadTourniquetVanishing Lessons (metal, 1994)
Alcohol – Brent Bourgeois – A Matter of Feel (1992)
Alcohol House – Blenderhead – Prime Candidate for Burnout
Beautiful TonightKrystal Meyers – Make Some Noise
Better Than DrugsSkillet – Comatose (2006)
Bud Morris – Ballydowse – The Land, the Bread, the People
Burning BridgesSeventh Day Slumber – Finally Awake (rock, 2007)
Cage – Die Happy – Volume I
Can’t Get OutVengeance Rising – Once Dead (metal)
Chemical Straightjacket – Living Sacrifice – Non-Existent (metal)
Cold AddictionDay Of Fire – Losing All (2010)
Dead End DriveHoly Soldier – Holy Soldier (metal)
Death by Inches – Tamplin – In the Witness Box
DownWhitecross – Triumphant Return (metal)
Getting Away with Killing You and Everyone Else – Left Out – For the Working Class
Glass God – Scaterd Few – Sin Disease
Here Come the Bugs – Skypark – Am I Pretty?
It’s a DiseaseD-Boy – Plantin a Seed (rap)
Lung Cancer – Randy Stonehill
MalevolenceA Plea For Purging – Depravity
Naked LunchShowbread – Age of Reptiles (2006)
Marshmallow LandMad at the World – Seasons of Love
Missing PagesSeventh Day Slumber – Finally Awake (rock, 2007)
Mulligan’s StewVengeance Rising – Human Sacrifice (metal)
Promised LandMad at the World – Seasons of Love
Rockstars On H – Mike Knott – Strip Cycle
Rocket Ship – Ruby Joe – Sinking the Eight Ball
Runaway – Spooky Tuesday – It’ll Never Fly, Orville (1995)
Safest PlaceThousand Foot Krutch – The Flame in All of Us
Sick Cycle Carousel – Lifehouse – No Name Face (2000)
So Insane – Mad at the World – Seasons of Love
State of ControlBarren Cross – State of Control (metal)
Stop The Madness – Believer – Sanity Obscure
Street LifeT-Bone – Last Street Preacha (hip hop)
Substance AbuseUnashamed – Silence (hardcore)
The Hunger – Veil of Ashes – Mr. Sunshine (alternative)
The TopicsNevertheless – In the Making… (2008)
This Dark Day – 12 Stones – Anthem For The Underdog (2007)
Toxic ShockMortificationPrimitive Rhythm Machine; Power, Pain & Passion (metal)
Up Your Nose – One Bad Pig – I Scream Sunday (punk)
Wasted DayCrux – Failure to Yield
When The Walls Tumble DownWhitecross – Hammer & Nail (metal)
Whiskey SeedBride – Live to Die
Whiskey Seed – Kerry Livgren – Seeds of Change
Willow TreePlumb – Plumb
Winter Passing – Kids in the Way – Love Hate Masquerade
Willow Tree – Plumb – Plumb
You Ain’t Smokin’ Them Cigarettes (Baby, They’re Smokin’ You) – Gary S. Paxton


See Christ’s Resurrection

eating disorders

AwakeSeventh Day Slumber – Finally Awake
Christina Fight Back – The Dingees – Sundown to Midnight
CourageSuperchick – Beauty From Pain (2005)
Dear FriendStacie Orrico – Genuine (2000)
Tearing Down the Temple – Sierra – Sierra (adult contemporary, 1994)
Wrong Image – Spooky Tuesday – It’ll Never Fly, Orville (1995)

the elderly

Look Out – The Choir – Chase the Kangaroo
Same GirlTwila Paris – Same Girl
She Won’t Say Goodbye – Vector – Temptation
TwilightTourniquetVanishing Lessons (rock, 1994)


All You GotTaitEmpty (rock, 2001)
Along the WaySeven Places – Lonely For The Last Time
AgainFlyleafMemento Mori
Back To Me – Building 429 – Space In Between Us
Because You’re Mine – Building 429 – Rise
Believer – Kutless – Believer
BeautifulMercyMeThe Generous Mr. Lovewell (2010)
Beautiful SurpriseNate Sallie – Inside Out (2003)
Beauty for AshesCrystal Lewis – Beauty for Ashes (pop, 1996)
Beauty From Pain – Superchick – Beauty From Pain, Beauty From Pain 1.1
Believer – Kutless – Believer
Call My NameThird DayRevelation (2008), Live Revelations (2009), WOW Hits 2009
ChildTaitLose This Life (rock, 2003)
Destined to WinDegarmo & Key – Destined to Win (rock)
Destined to Win – ETW – Stop! the Wild Hype (rap, 1991)
For Such a Time as This – Wayne Watson – The Way Home
Get Back UptobyMac – Tonight; Wow Hits 2011 (2010)
Get DownAudio Adrenaline – Underdog; Greatest Hits ; Adios: Greatest Hits
He Will Carry MeMark Schultz – Stories & Songs
Head Above WaterAnointed – Under the Influence
HeartacheTaitLose This Life (rock, 2003)
Hold On – ETW – PsychoTheoSocioGhettoPathic (rap)
Hold On – Paul Brandt (country)
Hold OntobyMac – Tonight (2010)
It’s All GoodAnointed – Under the Influence
Just Reach OutPetraWake Up Call; Double Take
Keep the Candle BurningPoint of GraceLife, Love, and Other Mysteries; 24 (pop)
Listen to the SoundBuilding 429 – Listen to the Sound (2011)
Lift Your EyesLeeland – Sound Of Melodies
Lifted – The Undecided – More to See (pop punk, 2001)
Nice, Naive and BeautifulPlumb – Beautiful Lumps of Coal (2003)
Not Alone – Red – Until We Have Faces
Not With JesusCheri Keaggy – What Matters Most
Oh My DearTenth Avenue NorthThe Light Meets the Dark
NowFireflight – Now
Pick Yourself UpD-Boy – Plantin A Seed (rap)
Pick Yourself Up – KJ-52 – It’s Pronounced Five-Two
Right NowThis Beautiful Republic – Even Heroes Need A Parachute
She Cries – East West – The Light in Guinivere’s Garden
Shine On – NEEDTOBREATHE – Daylight
Smiling DownPillar – For The Love Of The Game
Stand in the Rain – Superchick – Beauty From Pain
Stay With You Tonight – This Beautiful Republic – Perceptions
Stories (Down to the Bottom)Superchick – Beauty From Pain, Beauty From Pain 1.1
StrongholdDisciple – What Was I Thinking
The RescueKutlessTo Know That You’re Alive (rock, 2008)
The RiverMichael Sweet – Real
The Words I Would SaySidewalk Prophets – These Simple Truths; Wow Hits 2011; Wow #1s
Trading In This Troubled Heart – Spoken – Spoken (2007)
Wait for the SunPFRGoldie’s Last Day (rock)
When Tomorrow ComesPillar – The Reckoning (2006)
What Faith Can DoKutlessWow Hits 2011 (2009)
WindowOut of Eden – No Turning Back
You’re AlrightMichael W. Smith – Big Picture
You’re My Little Girl – Go Fish – Infectious (pop)

eternal life (see also heaven, salvation)

Treasures in Heaven – Burlap to Cashmere – Anybody Out There?
Eternal Life – Crimson Thorn – Dissection (death metal)
Everlasting – According to John
Forever Song – Lloyd – Thoughts From A Driveway
No GraveNewsboys – In the Hands of God


Exit (Euthanasia)Ransom – Soul Asylum


Big Bang – Magdallan – Big Bang
Destructive Heresies – Sacrament – Haunts of Violence (thrash metal)
evolution …RedefinedGeoff Moore & the Distance – Evolution; Greatest Hits (rock)
Evolution is Pollution – David & the Giants
IBIJTOFWHokus Pick Manouver – Pick It Up; Greatest Picks
God Is – ETW – Stop! the Wild Hype; Ain’t Nobody Dyin’ But Us (rap)
Let’s Be Frank – One Bad Pig – Smash (punk)
Monkey Crap – No Innocent Victim/NIV – Strength (hardcore punk)


Believe – Grammatrain – Lonely House
Beyond BeliefPetra – Beyond Belief; Farewell (rock)
Blind Faith Legend Seven – Blind Faith
CreedPetraBeyond Belief; Double Take; Farewell (rock)
CreedRich Mullins
DesperateFireflight – For Those Who Wait (2010)
Even If – Kutless – Believer
Evidence of GodGeoff Moore & the Distance – Home Run; Greatest Hits (rock)
Faith Is A Perfect Road Mad At The World – Flowers In The Rain
Faith Is LivingJohn Waller – While I’m Waiting (2009)
Faith Like A Child – Jars Of Clay – Jars Of Clay
I BelieveWes King – The Robe (pop)
I Believe – Derek Webb
I Still BelieveJeremy Camp – Stay (2002)
I SurrenderUnashamed – Silence (hardcore)
Like A Child – Jars of Clay – Jars of Clay (1996)
Mind’s EyeDC Talk – Jesus Freak; Intermission; Greatest Hits
Never AloneBarlowGirlOur Journey… So Far
Never Look AwayBuilding 429 – Space In Between Us
Northern StormMortificationEnvision Evangeline (metal, 1996)
Not By SightPetraPetrafied
Shadow of a DoubtPetraGod Fixation (rock, 1998)
Sight UnseenPetraUnseen Power (rock)
SupernaturalDC Talk – Supernatural; Greatest Hits
Take My HandThe Kry – You (rock ballad, 1994)
Walk By FaithJeremy Camp – Stay
Walk on WaterAudio Adrenaline – Bloom (rock, 1996)
Walkin Up The Steps Of Faith – Bob Carlisle – Collection

family (see also parenting, marriage)
forgiveness (see also God’s forgiveness)

7×70Chris August – No Far Away (CCM, 2011)
Amnesty Please – Norma Jean – Redeemer
After the Fall – Legend – Legend (hard rock, 1992)
AmnestyOvercome – More Than Death
Between You and MeDC TalkJesus Freak (rock, 1995)
Between You and MeRelient KFreaked!
BittersweetPlumbChaotic Resolve (2006)
Building the BridgeREO Speedwagon – Building the Bridge (1996)
Feels Good To Be Forgiven – Eddie DeGarmo – Feels Good To Be Forgiven; Ten: The Birthday Album
Fire Of Forgiveness – Kenny Marks – Fire of Forgiveness
Forgiven – David Meece – 7; Odyssey
Forgiveness – Andy Denton
ForgivenessMatthew West – Into the Light (2012)
Forgive MeJars of Clay – The Long Fall Back To Earth
ForgivenRelient KFive Score and Seven Years Ago (2007)
Forgiveness – Matthew West
Forgiveness – TobyMac – Eye On It
Knocked DownDisciple – By God
Let it GoNewsboysTake Me to Your Leader (1996)
Let it Go Let it DieBarren Cross – Rattle Your Cage (1994)
LevelerAugust Burns Red – Leveler
Losing – Tenth Avenue North
Mud PuddleDisciple – This Might Sting a Little
Remember Not – Ashton, Susan – Susan Ashton & Walk On Send AngelsPlumb – Plumb
Seventy Times Seven – David Meece – Odyssey
Still Called TodaySteven Curtis Chapman – The Great Adventure (see Eph 4:26-32; Hebrews 3:13; Mark 11:25)
Over and Over AgainKing’s X – Tape Head (power ballad)
Promise YouKutless – To Know That You’re Alive (rock, 2008)
The Fight SongSanctus Real – Fight the Tide
To ForgiveAl Denson – Extra Mile (pop ballad, 1992)
Trouble the WatersLisa Bevill – All Because of You (pop)
Unconditional – The Undecided – The Undecided (pop punk)
Without YouPlumb – Beautiful Lumps of Coal (2003)

freedom in christ

Finally Free – Nicole Nordeman – Recollection: The Best of Nicole Nordeman
Free – Aaron Shust (2012)
Freedom – Code of Ethics – Code of Ethics (dance)
House Of MirrorsTenth Avenue NorthThe Light Meets the Dark
Freedom Is Here – Hillsong
I Am FreeNewsboysWOW Hits 2007
Lazarus Unwound – First Call – Sacred Journey
My FreedomLisa Bevill – My Freedom (see I John 2:16; Prov 8:13, 16:18; Rom 7:4-25; John 8:3)
Set Me Free – Casting Crowns – Lifesong
The Promise of Your CrossMatt Redman – Where Angels Fear to Tread (2002)
WatchSeven Places – Hear Us Say Jesus
We Are FreeAaron Shust – This Is What We Believe (2012)
When The LightDay of Fire

friends who don’t know Christ (see also witnessing)

ApatheticSix Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled
BelieverKutless – Believer
Come To My Rescue – Seeds – Seeds (folk rock)
Detainer – Day of Fire – Day of Fire
Every Reason to Believe – Liberty N Justice – Light It Up
Face In The RainHokus Pick – Pick It Up
FrontSix Feet Deep – Struggle (hardcore, 1994)
Gypsy GirlEveryday Sunday – Anthems For The Imperfect
Here I Go Again – Casting Crowns – Casting Crowns
Hold the Light – Caedmon’s Call
If We Are the Body – Casting Crowns – Casting Crowns
In MeKutless – Kutless
In the AirtobyMac – Momentum (2001)
Just Might Change Your LifeSidewalk Prophets Never EndsUnashamed – Silence (hardcore)
Never Gonna Give Up On You – Julie Miller – He Walks Through Walls
Out of My SystemNewsboys – Not Ashamed
Prayer For a Friend – Casting Crowns – The Altar and the Door (2008)
Game OverUnashamed – Reflection (hardcore)
Give Yourself Away – The Corbans – When the Godhead Speaks
Hearts Safe (A Better Way)Tenth Avenue North – The Light Meets the Dark
More in Sorrow…Six Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled (hardcore, 1996)
PriorityOvercome – Blessed are the Persecuted (hardcore)
Secret WeaponPetraUnseen Power (rock) (see Rom 1:9-10; II Cor 10:4, 13:7; Phil 1:3-11; Col 1:9; II Thess 1:11-12, 3:1-2; Heb 13:18-19; James 5:13-16)
Show You LoveJaci VelasquezOn My Knees: The Best of Jaci Velasquez (pop)
Take Me to Your LeaderNewsboys – Take Me to Your Leader; Greatest Hits
Talk About JesusTaitEmpty (rock, 2001)
Tell Me One More Time About Jesus – Vince Gill
The HungerFireflight – Unbreakable
The Life of DeathOvercome – More Than Death (hardcore, 2001)
The Power of Forgiveness – Michael James – Where Love Runs Deep (1995)
The RunawayPillar – For The Love Of The Game (2008)
Try – Fighter – Bang the Drum
Walk Away From Love – PFR – Goldie’s Last Day; The Late Great PFR (rock)
What Does It Take?Guardian – Bottle Rocket
Will She Ever SeeHokus Pick Manouver – Pick It Up
Wishes – Out of the Grey – Out of the Grey; Remember This: Out of the Grey Collection 1991-1998


Across the Miles – Nouveaux – Beginnings
Be True – Sozo – The Walk (dance, 1994)
Circle of FriendsPoint of GraceLife, Love, and Other Mysteries; Rarities & Remixes; 24 (pop)
Each OtherSkillet – Invincible
ElishaSlick Shoes – Wake Up Screaming (pop punk, 2000)
Even The Best Of Friends – Randy Stonehill – Equator
Extra MileAl Denson – Extra Mile (pop ballad)
Faithful FriendTwila Paris – Where I Stand (pop)
Friend For Life – Kathy Troccoli – The Story of Love
Friend Like U – Geoff Moore & the Distance – Friend Like U
Friends (All In The Family Of God) – Petra – Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out
Friends, Friends 2003Michael W. SmithThe Second Decade 1993-2003
I Wish I CouldEveryday Sunday – Anthems For The Imperfect
I’ll Be A Friend To You – Kenny Marks – Another Friday Night
Life TogetherGeoff Moore & the Distance – Evolution; Greatest Hits (pop rock)
Lean On Each Other – David Meece – 7
Lean On MeDC Talk – Free at Last
Letting Go of TonightUnderoath – The Changing of Times (2002)
More Than You’ll Ever Know – Watermark – All Things New (adult contemporary)
My FriendPlus One – The Promise (2000)
Neither Will ITwila ParisBeyond a Dream (pop ballad)
Pray for MeMichael W. SmithI 2 Eye; First Decade (pop ballad)
Reunion of FriendsPhil Keaggy – Crimson and Blue
Say It – Kim Boyce – Time And Again
Side by Side – Rebecca St. James – Rebecca St. James (pop)
Side by Side – Squad Five-0 – What I Believe
Slip – Six Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled (hardcore)
Swing Your Partner – Mayfair Laundry – Scrub
Take My Hand – Russ Taff – The Way Home
Thanks To You – Geoff Moore/Steven Curtis Chapman – Geoff Moore (1999)
There For You – Flyleaf – Flyleaf
There For You – Jon Gibson – The Man Inside
Walk With Me – Brother’s Keeper – Beyond Beautiful
We Need Each OtherSanctus Real – We Need Each Other (rock)

God’s faithfulness

All This TimeBritt Nicole – Gold
Anytime – Rex Carroll – The Rex Carroll Sessions
Battle On – War of Ages – War of Ages (2005)
Because You’re Mine – Building 429 – Rise
Breaking My FallJeremy Camp – Stay
Call On Me – Legend Seven – Blind Faith
Carry Me To The CrossKutless – Believer (2012)
Don’t Go AwayLeeland – Opposite Way (2008)
El Shaddai – Amy Grant; Michael Card; Phil Driscoll; The Imperials
Evermore – Teramaze – Not the Criminal
Everything To Me – Teramaze – Not the Criminal
FearDisciple – Back Again
ForeverFireflight – Unbreakable
God Can You Hear MeTaitLose This Life (rock, 2003)
God Is With UsPoint of Grace – The Whole Truth; 24 (pop)
Hand on my HeartPetra – Unseen Power
He Is With Us – Love and the Outcome
He WeepsFireflight – Now (2012)
Here With MeBig Tent Revival – Open All Nite, Big Tent Revival Greatest Hits
Here With MePlumbcandycoatedwaterdrops; Best Of Plumb (pop, 2000)
He Will Always Be ThereSupertonesO.C. Supertones (ska)
He Won’t Let You GoThe Kry – You (rock ballad, 1994)
Holding MePam Thum – Faithful
I’m With YouKutless – Believer
I Need YouRelient KFive Score and Seven Years Ago (2007)
I Will Always Be TrueThird DayRevelation
I Will Not Take My Love Away – Matt Wertz – Everything in Between (pop/folk)
I Will Stand By YouRachel Rachel – Way To My Heart
I’m With You – Kutless – Believer
Into BlackDisciple – Back Again
Jesus Will Still Be TherePoint of Grace – 24; Rarities & Remixes (pop)
Leaving Ninety-nineAudio Adrenaline – Worldwide
Not AloneRed – Until We Have Faces
More FaithfulSkilletHey You, I Love Your Soul
On and OnPFR – Pray for Rain
On And OnTenth Avenue NorthThe Light Meets the Dark
Overcoming MeKutless – To Know That You’re Alive (rock, 2008)
Right Before Your EyesWhitecross – Unveiled
Right Here – Ashes Remain – What I’ve Become
Right HereJeremy Camp – Stay
See the Rain (Go Away)Seven Places – Hear Us Say Jesus (2004)
Simple TruthBetween Thieves (rock)
SorryDisciple – What Was I Thinking
SteadfastSix Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled (hardcore, 1996)
SustainUnashamed – Silence (hardcore)
SustainedUnashamed – Reflection (hardcore)
Sweet UnknownThousand Foot Krutch – Set It Off
Tell Me You’ll Be ThereEveryday Sunday – Wake Up! Wake Up!
The Answer – Spoken – Spoken (2007)
This Is WhereTrace Balin – Out of the Blue
Through the Fire – Day of Fire – Day of Fire
Time and Space – Miss Angie – Time and Space
Top of the MountainBloodgood – Out of the Darkness
UnderstandJeremy Camp – Stay
Watching Over MeRansom – Soul Asylum (rock ballad)
What Will BecomeUnashamed – Reflection (hardcore)
Won’t Walk AwaySanctus Real – Say It Loud
Would You LeaveEveryday Sunday – Stand Up
You Can’t HideSanctus Real – Fight the Tide
You Carried Me – Building 429 – Iris to Iris
You’ll Never Know – Krystal Meyers – Make Some Noise (Enhanced) (2008)
You’re PowerfulSkillet – Invincible
You Never Let GoDavid Crowder Band – A Collision (2005)
You Rock My Socks OffDisciple – By God
You Will Never Leave MeSidewalk Prophets
Your HandsJJ HellerPainted Red (2010)
Your Love – Chris Rodriguez – Beggar’s Paradise (1999)

God’s forgiveness

103Disciple – Back Again
A Little Grace – Riki Michele – Big Big Town
A Little MoreJennifer Knapp – Lay It Down (2000)
All Things NewSidewalk Prophets – These Simple Truths
Age of ReptilesShowbread – Age of Reptiles (2006)
Another Try – Phil Keaggy
As Far as the East is from the West – Liaison – Hard Hitter (rock ballad)
Born Again – Michael Speaks (r&b, 2001)
Can’t Be Saved – Wyrick – Mental Floss (industrial)
Can’t Get Over It – 77’s – 88
Charlatan’s HostOh, Sleeper – When I Am God
Clean – Petra – Beat the System
Crimson for Downy Flake – Eager – Eager (pop/rock)
Dear ShameNewsboys – Not Ashamed (rock)
East to WestCasting Crowns – The Altar and the Door; The Altar and the Door Live (2008)
Everyday – The Stand – Heartbreak Town
Fallen – Chatterbox – Despite (industrial)
Feels Good to Be ForgivenDegarmo & KeyFeels Good to be Forgiven
Forever – Plush – Plush (rock)
Forgive and Forget – Bob Bennett – First Things First
Forgiven – Sanctus Real – Wow Hits 2011; WOW Hits 2011: The Videos
Fountain Filled With Mercy – DeLeon (r&b)
From a Broken Heart – Philip Sandifer – The Other Side of Salvation
Gangsta’d Up – Gospel Gangstaz – The Exodus (rap)
Go and Sin No More – Liaison – Liaison
Go and Sin No MoreRebecca St. James – God; WWJD (pop)
He’s All I Need – Dynamic Twins – Word 2 The Wize
How Do You Do That – The Waiting – The Waiting
How Many Times (Seventy Times Seven) – White Heart – Don’t Wait for the Movie (1986)
I’m Just a Man – Undercover – Branded
Innocent Again – Idle Cure – Inside Out
Like It Never HappenedSeven Places – Lonely For The Last Time
Lord of the Past – Bob Bennett – Lord of the Past: A Compilation
MercyDisciple – What Was I Thinking
My Solitude – War of Ages – War of Ages (2005)
My StruggleSeventh Day Slumber – Picking up the Pieces
Jesus Doesn’t CarePoint of GraceLife, Love, and Other Mysteries (pop)
Justified – According to John – A2J
Justified – Black Eyed Sceva
No Regrets – Adam Again – Homeboys
Ocean FloorAudio Adrenaline – Lift; Worldwide (radio remix); Greatest Hits; Adios Greatest Hits; WOW Hits 2003
One DropDisciple – What Was I Thinking
Reconciled – street called Straight – street called Straight
Rich ManDisciple – By God
Sea of Forgetfulness – Seven Day Jesus – Seven Day Jesus
Seamonster – The Violet Burning
Shadow Play – Uthanda – Believe (power pop)
Soap – Mukala – Fiction
Sweet Forgiveness – Tom Stipe – Never Too Late
The CourtroomCarmanMission 3:16
The HardwayDC Talk – Free at Last
Take My LifeThird Day – Third Day
Take You BackJeremy Camp – Restored; WOW Hits 2006
The Cross of St. AndrewFive Iron Frenzy – The End is Near
The Tenth Song – Adam Again – Ten Songs
Through the Ages – Peter Shambrook – Peter Shambrook
Thrown Away – Dogs of Peace – Speak
Thy Mercy – Caedmon’s Call
Where I Find You – Supertones – Revenge of the O.C. Supertones
What God Does – Skypark – Over Blue City
Willing to Forgive – Lou Gramm Band

God’s grace

Always Deeper – Justin McRoberts – Father (pop, 2000)
Arms of Jesus – Clay Crosse – A Different Man (adult contemporary, 2000)
Beautiful LordLeeland – Sound of Melodies
Beautifully BrokenThis Beautiful Republic – Perceptions
Best In MeJon Gibson – The Man Inside (2000)
Breaking the Legs of SheepKids in the Way – Apparitions Of Melody
Burden Down – Allies – The River
By GodDisciple – By God
Clumsy – Chris Rice – Deep Enough To Dream (pop)
EmpireAs Cities Burn – Come Now Sleep (2007)
Feels LikeJeremy Camp – Beyond Measure
Forgiveness – Luna Halo – Shimmer (2000)
Fortress – Matthew Ward – Fortress
Grace By Which I Stand – Keith Green – So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt
Guiding Me HomeKutless – To Know That You’re Alive (rock, 2008)
GraceMargaret Becker – Grace
Grace – PID – The Chosen Ones (rap)
I CanSkillet – Skillet
If It Wasn’t For The Grace Of God – Steve Camp – After Gods Own Heart
I Want in That Place – Apologetix – Spoofernatural (parody)
In Amazing Grace Land – Susan Ashton – Wakened By The Wind
Justified – Die Happy – Volume 2
More Than I DeserveJennifer Knapp – Lay It Down
My Freedom – Krystal Meyers – Make Some Noise (Enhanced) (2008)
My HomeThousand Foot Krutch – The Flame In All Of Us
Never Been A Greater LoveAaron Shust – This Is What We Believe
Nothing Can Stop You From Loving MeAnointed – Under the Influence
On the Third Day – Michael Olson – Where Fear and Faith Collide (pop)
Only Grace – Matthew West – WOW Hits 2007
PeaceThird DayConspiracy No. 5
Radical Departure – Applehead – Meaning
Real Good ThingNewsboys – Going Public; Greatest Hits (rock)
Saved by Grace – Shane and Shane (2010)
Second ChanceThe Echoing Green – Defend Your Joy
Sufficient – Adie – Don’t Wait
The Beauty of Grace – Krystal Meyers – Dying for a Heart
The HoardAs Cities Burn – Come Now Sleep (2007)
There For YouJon Gibson – The Man Inside (2000)
There You Go – Caedmon’s Call – 40 Acres
TruceJars of Clay – Much Afraid
We All FallSuperchick – Last One Picked (2002)
We Are Beggars at the Foot of God’s Door – The Normals – Coming to Life
We’re TryingSanctus Real – The Face of Love

God’s love

All The TimeJeremy Camp – Stay
Any Other WayTenth Avenue NorthThe Light Meets the Dark
After the WorldDiscipleScars Remain (2006)
Amazing LoveWhitecross – Flytrap
Any Other Love – Small Town Poets – Third Verse
Beautiful ThingAll Star United; Smash Hits
Because You’re Mine – Building 429 – Rise
Broken BuildingsSeventh Day Slumber – Finally Awake
Come to Me – Geoff Moore & the Distance – Friend Like U
Count Me InLeeland – Opposite Way
Deep Love – Michelle Tumes – Centre Of My Universe
Do You Know – Jamie Rowe – The Beautiful EP (2000, rock ballad)
Do You Want to Know Love – PFR – Goldie’s Last Day; The Late Great PFR (rock)
Didn’t HePFR – Pray for Rain (rock)
Dying For Your LoveFireflight – Now
Elaste – The Violet Burning – Demonstrates Plastic and Elastic
Endless – Eric Champion – Vertical Reality
For You – Stryper – 7 – The Best of Stryper
From Me To YouEveryday Sunday – Wake Up! Wake Up!
God So Loved The WorldAaron Shust – This Is What We Believe
GravityKutless – Believer (2012)
How He Loves – Crowder
I Belong To You – Building 429 – Rise
I’ve Always Loved YouThird Day (rock ballad, 2000)
If You Only Knew – Philmore – Philmore (2000)
It’s Over – Hawk Nelson – Smile, It’s The End Of The World (2006)
God So LovedJaci Velasquez – Jaci Velasquez; On My Knees: The Best of Jaci Velasquez (pop ballad, 2000)
God’s RomanceDelirious – glo
Guding Me HomeKutlessTo Know That You’re Alive (rock, 2008)
Hard to Believe – Vota – Vota (2009)
He Loves MeDC Talk – DC Talk (rap ballad)
Higher (into your light) – Ultrabeat – Beyond the Stars (dance)
His Banner Over Me – Cheri Keaggy – What Matters Most (pop)
His Kind of Love – Group 1 Crew (pop)
I Call Him Love – Kathy Troccoli – Love And Mercy
Lay Down My LifeSidewalk Prophets
Let Me Love YouThird DayRevelation
Like the Sun – Miss Angie – 100 Million Eyeballs
Love – Code of Ethics – Soulbait (rock, 1997)
Love – Imagine This – Love
Love Divine – Phil Keaggy- Crimson And Blue
Love is Here – Tenth Avenue North – Over And Underneath
Love Is More – Scott Wenzel – Film At Eleven
Love It Away – Krystal Meyers – Make Some Noise (Enhanced) (2008)
Love’s Been Following YouTwila Paris – Where I Stand (pop)
MyselfFireflight – The Healing of Harms
Need A Love – Dakoda Motor Co. – Into the Son
Never Been UnlovedMichael W. SmithThe Second Decade 1993-2003 (pop)
Never Say GoodbyeGuardian – Fire and Love (metal ballad)
No Greater Love – Rachael Lampa – WOW Hits 2003
No Not One – Brandon Heath – What If We
No One Else KnowsBuilding 429 – Space In Between Us
No One Loves Me Like You – Jars of Clay
No Other LoveWhitecross – Unveiled (metal ballad)
NothingJeremy Camp – Stay
Nothing Can Separate UsAl Denson – Be the One (pop ballad)
O’ ChildNevertheless – Live Like We’re Alive (2006)
One Thing Remains – Kristian Stanfill – Passion: White Flag
One Time Too ManyBuilding 429 – Space In Between Us
Out of LoveBloodgood – All Stand Together (1991)
Rain LoveAl Denson – Take Me to the Cross (pop)
Real Love – Bob Carlisle – Collection
Right Where You AreKenny Marks – Right Where You Are
Say You Need LoveNewsboysLove Liberty Disco
Seasons Of Love – Mad At The World – Seasons Of Love
Show Me LoveBuilding 429 – Space In Between Us
Simply – Pillar – Where Do We Go From Here (2004)
SonshineKJ-52 – Collaborations (hip hop, 2002)
Stranger Than Fiction – Mukala – Fiction
Still on my MindGuardianSwing Swang Swung (rock ballad)
The Face Of LoveSanctus Real – The Face Of Love
The Great DividePoint of GraceWOW 1996
The Love He Has for YouPoint of Grace – The Whole Truth (pop ballad)
The OneSkilletHey You, I Love Your Soul
There is Nowhere Else – The Violet Burning
This Is Love – Kutless – Believer
This Is What Love Is – John Elefante – Windows Of Heaven
Unfailing LoveSacred Warrior – Master’s Command (metal ballad, 1989)
Waste of Time – FM Static – Critically Ashamed
We Are FreeAaron Shust – This Is What We Believe
What Do We Call Love – Kid Promise – My Generation (pop, 1994)
WhispersSkillet – Comatose (2006)
Wondrous LoveAaron Shust – This Is What We Believe
You Love Me Anyway – Sidewalk Prophets – You Love Me Anyway
Your LoveBrandon Heath – Your Love (CCM, 2011)
Your Love Broke Through – Keith Green – For Him Who Has Ears To Hear
Your Love is Extravagant – Casting Crowns – Casting Crowns
Your Love Never FailsNewsboys – God’s Not Dead (2012)
Your Love Oh LordThird Day – Time
Your Love Never Fails – Newsboys – God’s Not Dead

God’s presence

All Around MeAudio AdrenalineUntil My Heart Caves In
Already Over, Already Over Pt. 2Red – End of Silence
BreatherThousand Foot Krutch – Set It Off
Can You Feel It?David Crowder Band – A Collision
Can’t StopLeeland – Sound of Melodies
EnergySkillet – Collide (2004)
Enter This TempleLeeland – Opposite Way (2008)
Everywhere – Michael Olson – Where Fear and Faith Collide (pop)
Feels LikeJeremy Camp – Beyond Measure (2009)
Here We StandNewsboys – God’s Not Dead (2012)
I Know You’re ThereCasting Crowns – The Altar and the Door (2008)
In Your PresenceJeremy Camp – Stay
No End at AllDiscipleScars Remain (2006)
Presence (My Heart’s Desire) – Newsboys – WOW Hits 2006
Rain Song – Day of Fire – Day of Fire
ReachingLeeland – Sound of Melodies
RestSkillet – Invincible
Safe With YouSkillet – Skillet
SomeoneDiscipleScars Remain (2006)
Something Beautifulneedtobreathe – The Outsiders
Stay12 Stones – Potter’s Field
The Last TimeNumber One Gun – Celebrate Mistakes
The ShowSanctus Real – Fight The Tide
There You Are – Carolyn Arends – Feel Free
Touch – Eric Champion – Vertical Reality
Train WreckMat Kearney – Nothing Left to Lose
When the Light – Day of Fire – Cut and Move
When You Are NearJeremy Camp – Beyond Measure (2006)
WhirlwindSkilletHey You, I Love Your Soul
YouKutless – To Know That You’re Alive (rock, 2008)
You Are HereDisciple – By God
You Move Me – Pierce Pettis – Making Light of It

God’s word

Counsel of the HolyPetra – On Fire! (rock)
Get You a Bible – P.I.D. (rap)
He Is – Aaron Jeffrey – Aaron Jeffrey
Live By The Sword – Mortification (metal)
Red LettersDC Talk – Supernatural
Take You at Your WordAvalon – In a Different Light (pop)
The Greatest Story Ever Told4 Him – The Message
The Statement – Transformation Crusade – Transformation Crusade (rap, 1990)
The Word is AliveCasting Crowns – The Altar and the Door (2008)
Thy WordAmy Grant – Straight Ahead (see Psalm 119:105)

gossip/words/taming the tongue

20 Tongues – Embodyment – Embrace the Eternal (metal)
A Small Spark – Norma Jean – Redeemer
Better Watch What You Say – Dale Thompson & The Kentucky Cadillacs – Testimony
Fighting to Survive – Building 429 – Rise
Get OnThird Day – Come Together (rock)
Go Ahead – Disciple – Disciple
Hush – Halo Friendlies
Nothing at AllThird Day – Third Day – Third Day; Chronology, Volume One (1996-2000) (CD/DVD)(1996, southern rock)
Quiet Please – Brent Lamb (country)
Rumors – Ransom – Ransom
ShirleyLisa Bevill – My Freedom (see Proverbs 11:13, 16:28; James 3:7; II Corinthians 2:20)
Spread Love – Take 6 – Take 6
Sticks and Stones – Code of Ethics – Arms Around the World
What’s Up With Your Homie? – The Frantics – Meet the Frantics
Words – Hawk Nelson feat. Bart Millard (2013)
Words – Kim Hill – Brave Heart


A Place Called LoveFleming & John – Delusions of Grandeur (rock)
All Fall Down – Sarah Masen – Sarah Masen (pop)
Angels Fall DownSkillet – Invincible
Big HouseAudio AdrenalineDon’t Censor Me; Live Bootleg; Hit Parade; Greatest Hits; Adios Greatest Hits
Dancin’ in HeavenWhitecross – Unveiled (rock)
Deep Enough to Dream – Chris Rice – Deep Enough to Dream (pop)
Everyday Will Be Sunday On The Other Side – Darrell Mansfield – The Lords House
Forever Song – Lloyd – Thoughts From A Driveway
Heaven – Allies – Man With A Mission
HeavenSupertonesThe O.C. Supertones (ska)
Heaven’s On My Mind – Novella – Liquid Earth (rock ballad)
Heaven Will Be Near Me – Michelle Tumes – Listen (pop)
HeavenboundDC TalkDC Talk; The Early Years (rap)
Hello AgainPetraGod Fixation (rock, 1998)
Home Free – Wayne Watson – Home Free
Home In Heaven – Scott Wenzel – Film at Eleven
I Can Only ImagineMercy Me – Almost There
I’m On My Way – Acoustic Shack – Fret Buzz
It’s Heaven – Crystal Lewis – Beauty for Ashes
Last TrainHoly Soldier – Last Train (rock)
My HeavenMargaret Becker – Grace
Night In Heaven – Ultrabeat – Beyond the Stars (dance)
One Day – Forty Days – Everyday (2000)
There Will Be a Day – Jeremy Camp – WOW Hits 2010; Wow #1s
Trip to Heaven – Miss Angie – The Casting Down of Demonic Angels (2013)
Uptown – Dynamic Twins – Word 2 the Wize (rap)
We’re Almost ThereSeven Places – Hear Us Say Jesus


Bernie’s SituationDisciple – This Might Sting a Little
Below the GraveHaven – Your Dying Day (metal)
Do Not Be Deceived – Greg Minier – Minier
Don’t Want to Go Down There – The Screamin’ Rays – Attack of the Screamin’ Rays (rockabilly)
Eternal LamentationMortificationScrolls of the Megilloth (death metal, 1992)
Hellbound Train – Red Sea – Blood (hard rock, 1994)
The Motel Hell – Transformation Crusade – Transformation Crusade (rap, 1990)

holy communion

Drink From The Chalice of Love – Horde – Hellig Usvart (black metal)
Heavy As It Goes – Dime Store Prophets – Fantastic Distraction
Raise the ChaliceMortification – Scrolls of the Megilloth (1992, death metal)
Eat the FleshBloodgood – Bloodgood (metal)
Trust – Smalltown Poets – Smalltown Poets

holy spirit

Calling For A Flood – John Waller (2011)
Holy SpiritThird Day – Third Day (rock)
It’s Gonna Rain – Andrae Crouch – More of the Best
Liquid AssetsMortificationPost Momentary Affliction (metal)
Open HeavensBarlowGirlLove & War (2009)
Rain On MeRachel Rachel – Way To My Heart
Spirit – Rick Cua – koo-ah
Spirit ThingNewsboys – Going Public; Greatest Hits
When It Rains – Seraiah – Seraiah


Fahrenheit – Five Iron Frenzy – All the Hype Money Can Buy
For All of Us – Tanya Goodman-Sykes – Innocent Eyes
It’s Not NaturalAngie & Debbie Winans – Bold
The Nature of ThingsSeraiah – Carnival World

hope (see also encouragement)

Every ManCasting Crowns – The Altar And The Door
I Do Not BelongKutless – To Know That You’re Alive
Glorietta – Mourning September – A Man Can Change His Stars
Hold Fast – MercyMe – Coming Up To Breathe
My Hope Is In YouAaron Shust – This Is What We Believe
Someday GoSeven Places – Hear Us Say Jesus
Too MuchLeeland – Sound Of Melodies
You’re Still God – Kathy Troccoli – The Heart of Me (2000)

hypocrisy / judging

Altar Ego – Petra – Back To The Street
Caught With Your Halo Around Your Knees – Tantrum of the Muse – Modern Mu$ic 2000
EquilibriumOvercome – Immortal Until Their Work Is Done (hardcore)
Heart Of StoneUnderoath – Acts of Desperation (hardcore)
Lip Service – SheeSh – SheeSh
Mirage – Grits – Factors of the Seven (hip hop)
PhariseeDisciple – What Was I Thinking
Practice What We Preach – Lenny LeBlanc – Say a Prayer
Radio Satan – LSU – Cash in Chaos: World Tour
Sink or SwimSanctus Real – Say It Loud
Stained Glass Masquerade – Casting Crowns – Lifesong
Sunday Christian – Value Pac – Value Pac
The Pretender – Quayle – Quayle

hymns – albums of contemporary versions

Golden CalfDisciple – This Might Sting a Little
HeroSteve Taylor – Meltdown
Lay Down Your GodsThe Kry – You
Let GoPFR – Pray for Rain (see Matthew 6:24; Hebrews 12:1; Mark 8:34)
Music Box Hero – The Juliana Theory – Understand This Is A Dream
The Gods of Men – Randy Stonehill – Love Beyond Reason

joy (see also abundant life)

A Love So Pure – Underoath
A Flowery Song – Five Iron Frenzy – Upbeats and Beatdowns (ska)
Abba (Father)Rebecca St. James – God
Beautiful, BeautifulFrancesca BattistelliMy Paper Heart; Wow Hits 2011
Great Tom – Jesse and the Rockers – T.I.N. (pop punk)
I Got the JoyCarman – Revival in the Land
JoyNewsboysShine The Hits
Overflow – Connersvine – Connersvine
The Joy of the Lord – Twila Paris – Twila Paris Greatest Hits
Victory DanceJet Circus – Step On It
When The Light – Day of Fire – Day of Fire

life as christian musician

Can’t Go On – Group 1 Crew – Group 1 Crew
Five Minutes of Fame – Barlow Girl – Another Journal Entry
Grind PlanetariumMortification – Post Momentary Affliction
Is It I? – Marsha Stevens – No Matter What Way
Just a ManCode of Ethics – Arms Around the World
Love Like Blood – Gary Chapman
Not Rock StarsDisciple – By God
Way Back HomeScott Krippayne – More (1998)
What If I StumbleDC TalkJesus Freak

long distance relationships

Hide Away – Adam Again – Homeboys
Short of DaybreakUnderoath – Cries of the Past
Somewhere, SomehowMichael W. Smith – Change Your World
In My Arms AgainMichael W. Smith – Live the Life
In the DistanceLost Dogs – Real Men Cry

losing a child

Dear Mr. Clapton – Dana Key – Part of the Mystery (1995)
Hello GoodbyeMichael W. SmithLive the Life (pop)
Light Princess – Terry Scott Taylor – Knowledge and Innocence
Funeral to Birthday – Flame – Our World: Redeemed (hip hop)
Goodbye For Now – Kathy Troccoli – Corner of Eden
Home – Nicol Sponberg
I’m Crying – Allies
I Will Carry You – Selah
Ryan’s Song – Phil Keaggy
Save a Place for Me – Matthew West – Something to Say
Visitor From HeavenTwila ParisBeyond a Dream (pop)
When I Look At You – Kathy Troccoli – Corner of Eden
You Don’t Leave Me Lonely – Bryan Duncan – Mercy

losing a loved one (see also losing a child)

Can’t Cry Hard EnoughSusan Ashton – Closer (country, 1999)
Cries of the PastUnderoath – Cries of the Past (black metal, 2000)
Farewell – Kids in the Way – Love Hate Masquerade
Healing OilCrystal Lewis – Beauty for Ashes
He’s Watching – Al Denson
I’m CryingAllies – Man With A Mission
I Miss You, DadJohn P. Kee – Just Me This Time (gospel)
Long Hard Road – Russ Taff
Home Free – Wayne Watson – Home Free
Mama – The Katinas – The Katinas
My Father’s Crown – Charlie Peacock
One More Time – Terry Scott Taylor – Knowledge and Innocence
Say GoodbyeBloodgood – All Stand Together (metal ballad; 1991)
Say Goodnight – This Beautiful Republic – Perceptions
Save a Place for Me – Matthew West
Say GoodnightThis Beautiful Republic – Perceptions
See You in HeavenGuardianSwing Swang Swung
Sweet MemoriesSacred Warrior – Wicked Generation (metal, 1990)
Tell Me How to Say Goodbye – Michael W. Smith
Treasure of the Broken Land – Mark Heard
Tribute – Dogwood – Through Thick and Thin
Tuesday MourningHoly Soldier – Last Train (metal ballad)
Two Twenty Nine – Brave Saint Saturn – So Far From Home
UngluedTaitEmpty (rock, 2001)
Until the Lights Go Out – Al Denson (pop)
When I Look at YouKathy Troccoli – Corner of Eden (pop)
WhyDisciple – What Was I Thinking
With HopeSteven Curtis Chapman – Speechless
YesterdaysSwitchfoot – Oh! Gravity

love (see also marriage, family, god’s love)

I COR 13 – Kathy Troccoli – The Story of Love
I Corinthians 13Ace Troubleshooter – Ace Troubleshooter (power punk)
About Love The Choir – Circle Slide (rock)
AloneSanctus Real – Fight the Tide
And I Dreamt of YouUnderoath – Cries of the Past (black metal, 2000)
Another ManWes King – Sticks & Stones (pop ballad)
April Dreams – Mourning September – A Man Can Change His Stars
Impressed – Tonio K
The Seed We’ve Sown – Kids in the Way – Apparitions Of Melody
Baby DollMichael Sweet – Real
BeautifulPlankeye – Commonwealth (rock)
Blush (Only You)Plumb – Chaotic Resolve (2006)
Give It AwayMichael W. SmithFirst Decade
Give LoveThird DayRevelation (2008)
GodsendDC Talk – Supernatural; Greatest Hits (pop)
Hey Love – 12 Stones – Anthem For The Underdog (2007)
Hold MePlumbBeautiful Lumps of Coal (2003)
I Want to Live in Your Heart Bloodgood – All Stand Together (1991)
If You Could See What I See Geoff Moore & the Distance – Evolution; Greatest Hits(rock)
LovePetra – Beyond Belief (piano ballad)
LoveSixpence None the Richer – Sixpence None the Richer
Love and Co.Hokus Pick Manouver – Pick It Up; Greatest Picks
Love At Full Volume – Barren Cross – State Of Control
Love Comes TrueNewsboys – Not Ashamed (rock)
Love and DevotionTammy Trent – You Have My Heart; Tammy Trent: The Early Years (pop)
Love In ReturnSpoken – Last Chance To Breathe (2005)
Love Is MarchingBarlowGirlLove & War (2009)
Love Takes Time – Bryan Duncan – Love Takes Time
Luv Is a VerbDC Talk – Free at Last; Greatest Hits (rap)
Must Have Done Something RightRelient KFive Score and Seven Years Ago (2007)
Rather Be Dead – The W’s – Trouble With X
Real Life Fairy TalePlumb – Chaotic Resolve (2006)
Say the WordsDC Talk – Free at Last; Intermission; Greatest Hits (pop)
Sea of LoveNewsboys – Hell Is For Wimps (rock)
The Best ThingRelient KFive Score and Seven Years Ago (2007)
Theme From SummerAll Star United – International Anthems..; Smash Hits (rock)
This Time It’s RealHaste the Day – When Everything Falls
TimeRachel Rachel – You Oughta Know By Now (rock ballad)
Time For A Change – Seraiah – Seraiah (rock ballad)
TogetherMichael SweetMichael Sweet (rock, 1994)
What a Love – Kim Boyce – So By Faith (pop)
What Matters MostCheri Keaggy – What Matters Most (pop)
When the Love is RightTourniquet – Carry the Wounded (rock ballad)
Wind In My SailsSpoken – Last Chance To Breathe (2005)
Without LoveStacie Orrico – Genuine (2000)
You and IGuardian – Miracle Mile (rock)
You’ll Always Be My Best FriendRelient KThe Bird and the Bee Sides
You’re the One – Spoken – Spoken (2007)

lust/sexual purity (see also abstinence, sin/temptation)

Black Dress – The Normals – Coming to Life
Blinded – Embodyment – Embrace the Eternal (metal)
Blue – Sometime Sunday – Stone
Grace – The Normals – A Place Where You Belong
Kindle – Between Thieves – Between Thieves
Midnight Confessions – Reality Check – Reality Check
MotivesA Plea For Purging – Depravity
Sin City – Killed by Cain – Killed by Cain
Somebody’s Daughter – John Mandeville
Something’s Holding On – The Seventy Sevens – All Fall Down
Stop Right There – ZOEGirl – ZOEGirl (pop)
Temptation – Urban D – Unorthodox: When Hip-Hop Meets Church CD/DVD

marriage (also family, parenting)

All Pretty For TV – Poor Old Lu – Mindsize
All The Pretty ThingsTenth Avenue NorthThe Light Meets the Dark
AmericaBloodgood – Out of the Darkness
American Dream – Officer Negative – Zombie Nation
American DreamSwitchfoot – Oh! Gravity
American KryptoniteFive Iron Frenzy – The End Is Near
American Standard – EDL – American Standard
Breakaway – Justifide
Bright Red CarpetAll Star United – All Star United; Smash Hits (rock)
Cash CowSteve Taylor – Squint (1994)
Close Your EyesA Plea For Purging – Depravity (metalcore, 2009)
Company CarSwitchfoot – New Way to be Human
Consumer – Focused – The Hope That Lies Within
Diamonds to Dust – The Waiting – Wonderfully Made
Elevator MuzikResurrection Band – Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore
Holding On to the Earth – Sam Phillips – The Indescribable Wow
If We’ve Ever Needed You – Casting Crowns
Kingdom of Comfort – Delirious – Kingdom of Comfort
Little ManSupertonesSupertones Strike Back; Live Vol. 1; Unite (ska)
Money Money – Fear Not – Fear Not
Love MoneyBride – Snakes in the Playground (metal)
ObsessionsSacred Warrior – Obsessions (metal, 1991)
Okay – Urban D – Unorthodox: When Hip-Hop Meets Church CD/DVD
Only Fools – Crystal Lewis
Our Moral StandardOvercome – Immortal Until Their Work is Done (hardcore)
Outpost of the Counter Culture – Jan Krist – Outpost of the Counter-Culture
The Pursuit of Happiness – Crashdog – The Pursuit of Happiness
Richest Man – Spooky Tuesday – The Trouble We Make
Second Hand Clothing, Part 2 – Eli – Second Hand Clothing
Set for LifePetraGod Fixation (rock, 1998)
Show Me the Money – The Juliana Theory – Understand This Is a Dream
Slave Trade – Tamplin – Tamplin
Student Interview – Tonio K. – Yugoslavia
There’s More to Life – Transformation Crusade – Makin’ It Happen (rap, 1991)
Things Like YouSanctus Real – Fight The Tide
Things of this WorldDC TalkNu Thang
Vanishing LessonsTourniquetVanishing Lessons (metal, 1994)
Walls of GlassRuss Taff – Walls of Glass
We Don’t Need It – Rebecca St. James – Rebecca St. James (pop)
What You NeedAudio Adrenaline – Audio Adrenaline


Ray Boltz – Honor and Glory (1999)
Freedom’s Never Free – Phillips, Craig and Dean – Restoration
Red, White and Blue – The Lost Dogs – Little Red Riding Hood
River of Peace – Bob Carlisle – Nothing But The Truth
VetVigilantes of Love – Welcome to Struggleville
What Soldiers Do – Monk Neagle – The Twenty-First Time
When a Soldier Comes Home – Arlo Guthrie – Mystic Journey (1996)

miscarriage (see also losing a child)

Glory Baby – Watermark – All Things New (2000, adult contemporary)
I Cry In My Sleep – The Wayside – Play, Dreams and Imitation
Light Princess – Terry Scott Taylor – Knowledge and Innocence
Sad FaceThe Choir – Chase the Kangaroo


Only A FoolGeoff Moore – Threads
Go There – Russ Lee – Words in Time (2000)
Missionary – Symbiotica – Symbiotica (world music)
To the Ends of the Earth – Scott Wesley Brown


America AgainCarman – The Standard; Heart Of A Champion
Day by Day – Sacred Warrior (2008)
Fire From HeavenSacred Warrior – Obsessions (metal, 1991)
Gutterbox – Ultimatum – Symphonic Extremities (metal)
HomelessSix Feet Deep – Struggle (hardcore, 1994)
Letters to the President – Hawk Nelson – Letters to the President
Our Turn NowCarmanAddicted to Jesus (rock)
Socially AcceptableDC Talk – Free at Last; Intermission; Greatest Hits (pop)
What a JokeDeliverance – What a Joke (metal)

music as ministry

1 2 ConductorDisciple – This Might Sting a Little
For the Glory – Supertones – For the Glory
Free – Laudamus – Lost in Vain
In The Middle – Paul Colman Trio – The Phantom Tollbooth
Keep on Praisin’T-Bone – The History of a Hoodlum (rap, 2001)
Metal Missionary – Lightforce – Mystical Thieves (metal)
Minister by Night Sacred Warrior – Wicked Generation (metal, 1990)
Shakin’ Off Dust – Dynamic Twins – Word 2 the Wize (rap)
Time CrusadersMortification – Live Planetarium; The Best of Five Years (metal)
When DC TalksDC TalkNu Thang; The Early Years (rap)
Y Don’t U Want 2 Play MeFreedom of Soul – Caught in a Land of Time (rap, 1991)

need for god

All I Need Is Everything – Over the Rhine – Good Dog
AltarsTait – Empty
Anyone Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home – Underoath – Lost In The Sound Of Separation
Beautiful EndingBarlowGirlLove & War; Our Journey… So Far
Boys Of FallAugust Burns Red – Leveler
Breathing In A New Mentality – Underoath – Lost In The Sound Of Separation
Carry Me – Josh Wilson (2013)
Can’t BreatheDisciple – By God
Change My LifeAshes Remain – What I’ve Become
CloserSanctus Real – Fight the Tide
DesperateFireflight – For Those Who Wait
Eating Me AwaySkilletAlien Youth
EverythingJeremy Camp – Beyond Measure
Everything About YouSanctus Real – Fight the Tide
FallenTait – Lose This Life
Falls ApartThousand Foot KrutchThe Flame In All Of Us
FeltDisciple – What Was I Thinking
Find Me TonightEveryday Sunday – Wake Up! Wake Up!
For Those Who WaitFireflight – For Those Who Wait (2010)
God Shaped HoleAudio AdrenalineSome Kind Of Zombie
God Shaped Hole – Plumb – candycoatedwaterdrops
God Shaped VoidMortification – Relentless (metal)
Guide For The HelplessWar Of Ages – Pride Of The Wicked
HelpOvercome – Blessed Are The Persecuted (hardcore)
HeroSkillet – Awake
I Am NothingJeremy Camp – Beyond Measure
I Need You – Kronicles – Illuminate (dubstep rock)
I Need You – Rebecca St. James – If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something
I Need You Now – Michael Sweet – Unstryped
I TryMary Mary – Incredible (gospel ballad, 2002)
I’m Not AlrightSanctus Real – The Face Of Love; Wow #1s
I’m With You – Kutless – Believer
If We’ve Ever Needed YouCasting CrownsUntil the Whole World Hears (2010)
Inside Of MeAshes Remain – What I’ve Become
It’s No SecretNevertheless – In The Making…
It’s YouFireflight – The Healing of Harms
Let’s Be HonestThis Beautiful Republic – Even Heroes Need A Parachute
Mighty Good LeaderAudio Adrenaline – Underdog; Greatest Hits
My God – This Beautiful Republic – Perceptions
My Light UnseenImpending Doom – Baptized In Filth (metal)
NeedKutless – Believer
Need You Now (How Many Times) – Plumb
Overcoming MeKutless – To Know That You’re Alive
Remedy – Crowder – Remedy
Rescue – Desperation Band (2012)
Shine Down – Disciple – Disciple
Sing Me a Love SongBarlowGirlLove & War
SOSKrystal Meyers – Make Some Noise
StandUnashamed – Silence
Tears of the Saints – Leeland
To the SkiesEveryday Sunday – Anthems For The Imperfect
The Space In Between Us – Building 429 – Space In Between Us
The Surface – This Beautiful Republic – Even Heroes Need A Parachute
Thirst Is Taking OverSkillet – Alien Youth
Under My SkinSkillet – Collide
What This World NeedsCasting Crowns – The Altar And The Door
What Will BecomeUnashamed – Reflection (hardcore)
You Are – Matthew West
You Are My World – The Washington Projects – Commanders of the Resistance
You’re Still WaitingSpoken – Last Chance To Breathe
Your Love (Keeps Me Alive)SkilletHey You, I Love Your Soul

the needy/ homeless

ActionFireflight – The Healing of Harms
Are You Ready For Love? – Audio Adrenaline – Until My Heart Caves In
Faces to the WindowDaniel Amos – Alarma!
FamineSacred Warrior – Rebellion
Follow You – Leeland feat. Brandon Heath – Love Is on the Move
Give Me Your EyesBrandon HeathWhat If We; WOW Hits 2009; Wow #1s
Go Outside – Robbie Seay Band – Give Yourself Away
Hollow EyesPetraPetraphonics (pop, 1992)
HelpBride – Drop
Homeless – Spooky Tuesday – It’ll Never Fly, Orville (1995)
Homeless FewPetra – On Fire! (pop)
Keep Changing the World – Mikeschair feat. Lecrae (2010)
Looking for AngelsSkillet – Comatose (2006)
Rise – Robbie Seay Band – Give Yourself Away
Samaritan – Buck – Buck (Enterprises)
Take a Little TimeJeremy Camp – Beyond Measure
The Face of GodJohn Schlitt – The Grafting (2009)
The Hunger Cycle – Saviour Machine – Saviour Machine II
The Twenty-First Time – Monk Neagle – The Twenty-First Time
What If I Give All?Ray Boltz – Moments for a Parent’s Heart
White Rice – Magdalen – Revolution Mind

new age/ occult

A Dog’s BreakfastTourniquetPsycho Surgery (metal)
Bound in ChainsSacred Warrior – Master’s Command (metal, 1989)
Curiosity Killed the CatGuardian – Miracle Mile
Forget Your Hexagram – Larry Norman – Upon This Rock
Healing – Split Level – glo.bal
Lying Breed – Mindrage
Miss LindaSacred Warrior – Wicked Generation (metal)
NecromanicideMortificationScrolls of the Megilloth (death metal, 1992)
New Age Illusion – Bloodgood – Out Of The Darkness
Peace in the GalaxyMortification – Envision Evangelene (metal, 1996)
Psychedelic Super JesusBride – Snakes in the Playground (metal, 1993)
SeanceHaven – Age of Darkness (metal)
Stars – Michael Knott – Fluid
Turning – Kim Hill – Talk About Life
Witch’s InvitationCarman – Revival in the Land; Heart Of A Champion
Witching HourHaven – Age of Darkness (metal)

new life in christ

1992 – Spoken – Last Chance To Breathe (2005)
And Now My Lifesong Sings – Casting Crowns – Lifesong
Armed For Battle – XL & DBD – Live From Ninevah…What Next
B.C. Plankeye – Commonwealth
Better Days – Billy Sprague – Serious Fun
Brand New/em> – JSon – Growing Pains (hip hop)
Broken TreeSix Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled (hardcore, 1996)
Bye Bye ByeHokus Pick – Brothers From Different Mothers; Greatest Picks (rock, 1994)
Come AlongThousand Foot Krutch – Set It Off
Fire In My EyesFireflight – For Those Who Wait (2010)
GoodbyeBride – Snakes in the Playground (metal ballad, 1993)
I Now LiveCrystal Lewis – Remember (pop)
It Was You12 Stones – Anthem For The Underdog (rock, 2007)
Last RegretSeventh Day Slumber – Finally Awake
Let It FadeJeremy Camp – Beyond Measure
Light of the SunAudio AdrenalineUntil My Heart Caves In
Look a Little Closer – Helen Baylor – Look a Little Closer (pop gospel, 1991)
MiracleAudio Adrenaline – Worldwide
My HellDisciple – Scars Remain
My Hope Is In YouAaron Shust – This Is What We Believe (2011)
New LifeOvercome – Blessed are the Persecuted (hardcore)
On My OwnAshes Remain – What I’ve Become
Our Worlds CollideBarlowGirl – Love & War
Purpose to MelodyDisciple – Scars Remain
Reborn – Rebecca St. James – Transform, Wait For Me: The Best of Rebecca St. James
RedemptionAugust Burns Red – Messengers
ReleaseSix Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled
RevelationGuardian – Bottle Rocket (rock, 1997)
Set for LifePetraGod Fixation (rock)
Since I Met YouDC Talk – Supernatural
Small TownThousand Foot Krutch – Set It Off
Strong Enough To SaveTenth Avenue NorthThe Light Meets The Dark
Supernatural – Wyrick – Mental Floss (industrial)
Take You OnJohn Schlitt – Unfit for Swine (rock)
That Was Then – Code of Ethics – Soulbait (rock, 1997)
What I’ve OvercomeFireflight – For Those Who Wait (2010)
Wrapped In Your ArmsFireflight – Unbreakable
You Saved MeLou Gramm Band

old testament

100 Million Eyeballs – Miss Angie – 100 Million Eyeballs
4031MortificationPrimitive Rhythm Machine (metal)
A Face That Shone – Michael Card – The Beginning
Absalom, Absalom – Pierce Pettis – Making Light of It
Ancient ProphesyMortificationScrolls of the Megilloth (death metal, 1992)
Dry Bones Dance – Mark Heard – Dry Bones Dance
Eden – Die Happy – Vol. II (hard rock)
Fred Hammond – The Spirit of David
God of ElijahDisciple – By God
Isaiah 6 – One Bad Pig – Smash; Blow the House Down (punk)
Jehovah NissiMortificationEnvision Evangelene (metal, 1996)
Job’s Mile – Say So – Still Waters (folk pop)
Jubilee – Michael Card – The Beginning
Lawful Woman in a Bad PlaceApologetix – Biblical Graffiti (parody)
MephiboshethMortificationPrimitive Rhythm Machine; Live Without Fear; The Best of 5 Yrs; Power, Pain & Passion (metal)
Noah – David Huff/David and the Giants
Noah Was a KnowerMortificationEnvision Evangelene (metal, 1996)
Scrolls of the MegillothMortificationScrolls of the Megilloth; Live Planetarium, The Best of 5 Yrs; Power, Pain & Passion (death metal)
Song of Jabez – According to John – Beyond What I See (2002)
Strength of the Innocent – Betrayal – The Passing (metal)
Tears of KorahTourniquetStop the Bleeding (metal)
Theodicy on TrialTourniquetPathogenic Ocular Dissonance (metal)
Twins Came OutApologetix – Biblical Graffiti (parody)

parenting (also step-parenting)
peer pressure

Angela – Legend – Legend (rock ballad, 1992)
Cross My HeartNevertheless – In the Making… (2008)
He WorksDC TalkDC Talk
Obliviant – Beanbag – Free Signal (rapcore)
SupaflyThousand Foot Krutch – Set It Off
Underneath It AllPillar – Where Do We Go From Here (2004)
Where We BelongSanctus Real – The Face of Love


CollideSkillet – Collide (2004)
Crossfire – Pillar – The Reckoning (2006)
Guilty – Newsboys – God’s Not Dead 2 (2016)
Hang You Upside Down – Model Engine – The Lean Years Tradition (modern rock)
MartyrsMortification – Hammer of God (metal, 1999)
Over My Dead BodySteve Taylor – Meltdown
People – Apologetix (parody)
This Road – Jars of Clay (2000)
Underground People – Ruby Joe – Sinking the Eight Ball (rockabilly)
Valley of Salt – Six Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled (hardcore) (see Psalm 69)

perseverance/trials (see also encouragement)

Above It All – Building 429 – Space In Between Us
All I Need to BeFireflight – For Those Who Wait (2010)
AnthemSuperchick – Beauty From Pain
AttitudeLiaison – Hard Hitter
Awake and AliveSkillet – Awake (2009)
Brightside – Code of Ethics – Soulbait (rock, 1997)
Broken Before You – War Of Ages – War Of Ages (2005)
Brothers in Arms – War of Ages – War of Ages (2005)
Cling to the CallJohn Waller – While I’m Waiting (2009)
DiveDisciple – Scars Remain (2006)
Don’t Give UpMichael W. SmithLive the Life
Don’t Let the Fire DieSteven Curtis Chapman – The Great Adventure (see Ephesians 6:13-18; I Corinthians 15:58; I Thessalonians 5:17-19; Hebrews 12:2-3)
EndurePlumbPlumb; Best Of Plumb (pop, 2000)
Every MomentMyChildren MyBride – Having The Heart For War
Far From Over – Kids in the Way – Love Hate Masquerade
Fight For Your King – Corpus Christi – The Darker Shades Of White
FlySanctus Real – The Face of Love
Follow On – Code of Ethics – Code of Ethics (dance)
FoundationOvercome – When Beauty Dies
FrontlinePillar – Where Do We Go From Here (2004)
GainUnashamed – Silence (hardcore)
Gonna Keep OnWhitecross – High Gear
HallelujahNewsboysStep Up to the Microphone (1998)
Hold OnLisa Bevill – All Because of You (pop)
Holding OnPillar – Where Do We Go From Here (2004)
Hope Will Be My Song – Ben Glover – 21 Songs
I Will Not Be Moved – Natalie Grant
If You Want Me To – Ginny Owens
MelodyAudio AdrenalineUntil My Heart Caves In
Mountain of God – Third Day – Wherever You Are
No Matter What – Kerrie Roberts – Kerrie Roberts; Wow Hits 2011 (2011)
No DoubtPetra – No Doubt (piano ballad)
No Fall Too FarBecoming The Archetype – Terminate Damnation (metal)
On Distant ShoresFive Iron Frenzy – The End Is Near
One Day at a TimeJeremy Camp – Stay
Only The WorldMandisa – True Beauty; WOW Hits 2008 (pop/r&b)
Patience and DevotionNevertheless – Live Like We’re Alive (2006)
Perseverance of the SaintsSupertonesSupertones Strike Back (ska)
Rounded are the RocksBloodgood – All Stand Together (1991)
Stand Your Ground – War of Ages – War of Ages (2005)
StrongerMandisa (2011)
Stay StrongNewsboysGreatest Hits (pop, 2008)
Stay With MeBarlowGirl – Love & War (hardcore, 1994)
StruggleSix Feet Deep – Struggle (hardcore, 1994)
The Mission – Last Tuesday – Resolve
The Resurrection BodyOvercome – Immortal Until Their Work is Done (hardcore)
Theory of Flight – LaRue
ThrowdownPillar – For The Love Of The Game (2008)
Until My Heart Caves InAudio AdrenalineUntil My Heart Caves In
Until the End – Between Thieves – Between Thieves
Violent BurningLiaison – Hard Hitter
WeeblesInsyderz – Motor City Ska (ska, 1997)
Well, Alright – BeBe and CeCe Winans – Everlasting Love (r&b)
When Everything FallsHaste the Day – When Everything Falls
Worth It AllDisciple – Back Again
You Gave Me a PromiseFireflight – Unbreakable
Zealous Core – Steve – Falling Down


BondedTaitEmpty (rock, 2001)
Deeper Walk – Ashley Cleveland – Before the Daylight’s Shot
Every Time – Washington – Every Time (rap)
Famine or FeastBig Tent Revival – Open All Nite
Get Down – Russ Lee – Words in Time (2000)
Get On Your Knees and Fight Like a ManPetraThis Means War; Petrafied (rock)
Higher GroundRansom – Soul Asylum (rock)
I Come to You More Than I Can Give – Kim Burrell – Everlasting Life (jazz gospel)
I Fade AwayPillar – For The Love Of The Game (2008)
I Keep PrayinWhitecrossHigh Gear
Let Us Pray Steven Curtis Chapman – Signs of Life (pop)
Losing Myself – Reality Check – Reality Check
Momma’s Prayers – ETW – PsychoTheoSocioGhettoPathic; Ain’t Nobody Dyin’ But Us (rap)
My Time – PFR – Pray for Rain
On My KneesJaci VelasquezHeavenly Place; On My Knees: The Best of Jaci Velasquez (pop)
PrayBloodgood – Dangerously Close
PrayRebecca St. James – Pray; Wait For Me: The Best of Rebecca St. James
Prayer for a Friend – Casting Crowns – The Altar and the Door
Say a PrayerWhitecrossFlytrap
Things I Prayed For – Eli – Things I Prayed For (pop)
When God’s People Pray – Wayne Watson

pray without ceasing

Pray Where You Are – The Lost Dogs – Little Red Riding Hood
Take it to the LordDC TalkNu Thang
White Knucklin’ the RosaryTourniquetCrawl to China (metal, 1997)


Empty MeChris Sligh – Empty Me
Foot of Pride – Bob Dylan, covered by Lou Reed
Pride AwayKutlessKutless, Live From Portland
Pride Before a FallOvercome – The Life Of Death (2001)
Pride Disease – Headnoise – No Compromise


Always Comes Around – Seven Day Jesus – Seven Day Jesus
Arms Around the World – Code of Ethics – Arms Around the World
Beginning And The EndLeeland – Opposite Way
CannonballFive Iron Frenzy – The End is Near
God is in ControlTwila ParisBeyond a Dream, Twila Paris Greatest Hits (pop)
Hand of God – Randy Stonehill – Thirst
Hand of ProvidenceMichael W. Smith (pop)
Good Things – Code of Ethics – Soulbait (rock, 1997)
In My Fathers Hands – Susan Ashton – Wakened By The Wind
In Your Hands – Krystal Meyers – Make Some Noise (Enhanced) (2008)
Lie Down in the Grass – Charlie Peacock – Lie Down in the Grass
Ruminating VirulenceTourniquetPathogenic Ocular Disonance (metal)
Saviour of My UniverseAll Star UnitedAll Star United; Smash Hits (rock)
There You GoCaedmon’s Call – 40 Acres
Whole WorldPetra – Back To The Street
You Belong to Me – Plush – Plush (rock)
Your Majesty – Building 429 – Iris to Iris

psalm 23

23 – Deliverance – Weapons of our Warfare (metal)
Lie Down – Charlie Peacock – Lie Down
Psalm 23 – Kathy Troccoli – Corner of Eden
Psalm 23 – Noel Paul Stookey – Reel to Reel
Shadowlands – Shawn McDonald – Scattered Pieces: Live
Sustained – Unashamed – Silence (hardcore punk)


Amsterdam – PFR – Disappear (2001)
Forty-Two – The Afters
Something HolyStellar Kart – Everything Is Different Now
This Is A CallThousand Foot Krutch – Phenomenon

racism/ violence (see also unity)

A Piece of Chicken – P.I.D. – The Chosen Ones (rap)
Afrikaans – Resurrection Band – Rainbows End
Ain’t Nobody Dyin’ But Us – ETW – Ain’t Nobody Dyin’ But Us (rap)
Am What I Am – Sonik Boom of Love – A Love Supreme
American TragedyTaitEmpty (rock, 2001)
Bigotry ManBarren Cross – State Of Control (metal)
C’mon – Sacred Warrior (2008)
Carve a Tunnel – Sparks – Field of Your Soul
Cease for Peace – D-Boy – Lyrical Strength of One Street Poet (rap)
Cold Ground – Vigilantes of Love – Welcome to Struggleville
Color BlindMichael Sweet – Real
Colored People – DC Talk – Jesus Freak; Intermission; Greatest Hits; Smash-Ups (pop)
Colorblind – John P. Kee – Colourblind
– Tamplin – In the Witness Box
Failure to ExcommunicateRelient K – The Anatomy of the Tongue and Cheek
Fight the Racism – Soapbox – A Divided Man
Five Miles Outside Monroe – Vigilantes of Love
H8 Machine – Dig Hay Zoose – Strugglefish
It’s a Hard Life – Jackson Finch – Beyond Complacency
Light’s Out – Scaterd Few – Sin Disease
Memphis – Clay Crosse – A Different Man
No Eyes – Veil of Ashes – Pain
Race Thang – Transformation Crusade – Makin’ It Happen (rap, 1991)
Racism – P.I.D. – The Very Best – Get Into It (rap)
Red – Ninety Pound Wuss – Ninety Pound Wuss
Skin – Ruby Joe – Sinking the Eight Ball
Skin – Speck – Speck
To Be Down – Transformation Crusade – Transformation Crusade (rap, 1990)
The Color Hate – Souljahz – The Fault is History (2002)
United We Stand – Nouveaux – Beginnings (rock, 1994)
UnsuspectingBarren Cross – Rattle Your Cage (hard rock, 1994)
WallsDC TalkNu Thang; The Early Years (rock)
You’re My Brother – King’s Crew – This Ain’t Make Believe
Zuid Afrikaan – Rez – Between Heaven N’ Hell


A Song for AmyBobby Bishop (hip hop)
Deviant InveracityOvercome – More Than Death (hardcore)
Innocence StolenUnderoath – Acts of Depression (hardcore)
Killing Years – Focused – The Hope That Lies Within (hardcore)
No – Andy Landis – Stranger (pop/country)
Touched – EDL – American Standard


After ForeverDeliverance – What a Joke (metal cover)
Are You Ready?Sacred Warrior – Wicked Generation (metal, 1990)
Atonement – Living Sacrifice – Non-Existent (death metal)
Brought to Life – Spoken – Spoken (2007)
If You Will Deliverance – Deliverance (metal)
FurthermoreDisciple – This Might Sting a Little
Home – Spoken – Last Chance To Breathe (2005)
Hoodlum’s Prayer – T-Bone – Redeemed Hoodlum (rap)
In Answer to Your Questions – Frank’s Enemy – Neoblasphemies (doom metal)
In Regards to MyselfUnderoath – Define The Great Line
Let Him Take ControlSeraiah – Carnival World (metal ballad, 1990)
Let It FadeJeremy Camp – Beyond Measure (2008)
Lights Of ReedsportFalling Up – Dawn Escapes
OthersideThird Day – Revelation
Salvation – Spooky Tuesday – Happy Dissonance
Sylentiger – Trytan – Sylentiger
The Eleventh HourAugust Burns Red – Messengers (metalcore, 2007)
The Threshing FloorTourniquetStop the Bleeding (metal, 1990)
Time – Day of Fire – Day of Fire
TouchDisciple – Back Again
Two Thousand YearsBarren Cross – State of Control
Today – Geoff Moore & the Distance – Greatest Hits (1996)
UnderneathDisciple – This Might Sting a Little
You Get What You Pray ForTourniquet – Stop the Bleeding (metal, 1990)
What About NowThe Kry – What About Now (pop, 1996)

sanctification/refinement (see also Devotion to God)

10 Minute Oil ChangeDisciple – This Might Sting a Little
Breathing in a New Mentality – Underoath – Lost in the Sound of Separation (2008)
Anything Genuine – Smalltown Poets – Listen Closer
Carry the CrossDegarmo & Key – To Extremes (1994)
Changing MeBloodgood – Out of the Darkness (metal ballad)
Count the CostDavid Meece – Count the Cost; Odyssey
Dying to BecomeKutlessTo Know That You’re Alive (rock, 2008)
Distarnish Priest – Mortification – Post Momentary Affliction; Live Planetarium (metal)
Dress Me Up – Eric Champion – Transformation
Fill My ShoesDisciple – What Was I Thinking
Forced To Die – As I Lay Dying – Beneath the Encasing of Ashes (metal)
From the InsideSpoken – Last Chance To Breathe (2005)
I Will Follow – Scott Wenzel – Film at Eleven
Jagged Heart – Phil Madeira – Off Kilter
Likeness of You PetraUnseen Power (rock, 1992)
Me, Myself, and I – Code of Ethics – Soulbait (rock, 1997)
Melt Me – Jake – Jake (pop, 2000)
MirrorRebecca St. James – Pray
Perfect People – Natalie Grant (pop)
PrayerOvercome – Blessed are the Persecuted (hardcore)
PurifySix Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled (hardcore, 1996)
Replace Me – Family Force Five – Business Up Front/Party In The Back
Shake Me – Code of Ethics – Soulbait (rock, 1997)
So Long SelfMercy Me – Coming Up to Breathe
Stranger to HolinessSteve Camp – Shake Me To Wake Me (pop)
TakeSkilletHey You, I Love Your Soul
Take MeDisciple – What Was I Thinking
The KeyBeliever – Dimensions (metal)
Things We Leave Behind – Michael Card
This Is Who I AmThird DayRevelation (2008), Live Revelations (2009)
TreasureFlyleaf – Memento Mori
Watch Me DieUnderoath – Acts of Depression (hardcore)


AKA Public SchoolAudio AdrenalineDon’t Censor Me
Chem 6ASwitchfoot – The Legend of Chin
College KidsRelient KTwo Lefts Don’t Make a Right, But… (2006)
High SchoolSuperchick – Last One Picked (2002)
Sad Semester – twothirtyeight
Sadie Hawkins DanceRelient K
Show and TellRelient K
Suckerpunch – Five Iron Frenzy (ska)
The Class of ’99 – Wayne Watson

second coming of christ (see also tribulation)

An Abandoned Grave Bathes Softly In The Falling Moonlight – Horde – Hellig Usvart (black metal)
Ceremony – Saviour Machine – Saviour Machine II
Coming BackP.O.D. – Snuff the Punk
Doom – Miss Angie – Triumphantine (rock ballad)
Everything Is BurningSpoken – Last Chance To Breathe
Ex NihiloBecoming the Archetype – Terminate Damnation (metal)
FalloutBride – Snakes in the Playground (metal, 1993)
Get ReadyAnointed – Under the Influence
Going HomeDisciple – What Was I Thinking
Grave RobberPetraFarewell (pop, 2005)
Ground Zero – Kerry Livgren – Seeds of Change
How Long – Benjamin Gate – Untitled (rock)
I Hope to See You ThereJacob’s Trouble – Let the Truth Run Wild (rock ballad)
I Will Return – Daniel Amos – Kalhoun
In My Dreams – Paradox – New Devotion
It Might Be TodaySeven Places – Lonely For The Last Time
It Won’t Be Long – Andrae Crouch
Jesus Comin’ Soon – Mansfield/Turner – Blues With A Feelin’
Jungle Inna Babylon – Christafari – Valley of Decision (reggae)
Just Like He Said He Would – Andrae Crouch (gospel)
Man of Peace – Seeds – Seeds (folk rock)
Messiah – Larry Norman – Stop This Flight
Midnight OilPetra – Wake Up Call (rock)
Mothership – Glisten – Starlight
Next TimeDisciple – Back Again
Open Your Eyes – Geoff Moore & the Distance
Out of Time – Barren Cross – State of Control
People Get Ready – Crystal Lewis – Beauty for Ashes (pop)
People Get Ready – Mansfield/Turner – Blues With A Feelin’
Prince of Peace – Supertones – Revenge of the O.C. Supertones; Unite
Prophecy – Greg Minier – Minier
Ready or Not – Tourniquet – Stop the Bleeding (metal)
Revelation – Stryper – No More Hell to Pay
Soon – Hillsong United (2009)
Take Us Away – Recon – Behind Enemy Lines (metal)
The Balance of EternityBecoming The Archetype – The Physics Of Fire
The Great Day (Second Coming) – Michael W. Smith / Darlene Zschech – Music Inspired By The Story
The Judge – Dynamic Twins – Word 2 the Wize (rap, 1991)
This Is What Time It Is – ETW – Stop! the Wild Hype (rap)
Thief in the Night – Big Tent Revival – Big Tent Revival, Big Tent Revival Greatest Hits
Thief in the Night – Cliff Richard – Now You See Me… Now You Don’t
Thief in the NightLeeland – Opposite Way (2008)
TrumpetThe Chariot – The Fiancee
WaitDisciple – Back Again
Waiting for the King – King James (hard rock)
Watch and Pray – Twila ParisBeyond a Dream (pop)
Weak, Feeble, Dying Antichrist – Horde – Hellig Usvart (black metal)
What’s It Gonna Be Like – Jason Ingram Band (pop)
When He Returns – Kevin Max – The Impostor (original by Bob Dylan)
When The Stars Burn Down – Rebecca St. James – I Will Praise You
You’ll Be Back For Me – Crystal Lewis – The Bride

self esteem/self image

Air You Breathe – Karthi – Karthi
Beautiful You – Considering Lily – Considering Lily
Big Fat Nothing – Believable Picnic
Daddy’s Girl – KJ-52 – The Yearbook
Epidermis Girl – Bleach – Space
Fearfully & Wonderfully – Mad At The World – Flowers In The Rain
ImperfectionSkillet – Collide
No Mistakes – Mad At The World – Flowers In The Rain
Only One You – Kim Hill – The Fire Again

september 11

Global Breakdown – All Star United – Revolution
Gone Without Goodbye – Brian Littrell – Welcome Home
I Don’t Know Why – Amy Grant – Simple Things
Stronger Than Before – Janny Grein
The World Was in His Hands – David Edwards/Randy Stonehill – Return to Paradise
When Mountains FallMark Schultz – Song Cinema
New York SkiesMortification – Relentless (metal)

sin/ temptation (see also lust/sexual purity)

Bad Livin’DeGarmo & Key – Straight On
Battle of the FleshBloodgoodBloodgood; The Collection (metal)
Carousel – Reality Check – Reality Check
Carried AwayTaitEmpty (rock, 2001)
Creature Double Feature – Cross Movement – Human Emergency (hip hop)
Cycle Me Through – Skypark – Am I Pretty?
Do I? – 20/20 Blind – Never For
Dirty Little SecretPillar – Where Do We Go From Here (2004)
Eating Me AwaySkilletAlien Youth (2001)
Fight InsideRed – Innocence & Instinct (2009)
Free WillTaitLose This Life (rock, 2003)
Empty My HandsTenth Avenue NorthThe Light Meets The Dark
Enveloped in PythonTourniquet – Crawl to China (metal)
Feel Good DragAnberlin – New Surrender
Fine Line – Vector – Simple Experience
Found Me Out – Parkway – Glad You Made It
Full Crucifixion Whitecross – Equilibrium (modern rock)
Have MercyThird DayConspiracy No. 5
I Killed a ManJohn Schlitt – Unfit for Swine (rock)
I’m Not Strong Enough – The Undecided – The Undecided (pop punk)
In BetweenSupertones – Chase the Sun (ska)
Inner WarBarren Cross – State of Control (metal)
Internal Pain – The Lead – Burn This Record (punk/thrash)
Jeckyl & HydeDisciple – What Was I Thinking
Jekyll & HydePetra – Jekyll & Hyde; Farewell (hard rock)
Judas’ KissPetra – Rock Block, Petrafied, Double Take
Like a Dog – Seventy Sevens
Losing InnocenceNevertheless – Live Like We’re Alive (2006)
Louder than the MobSupertonesSupertones Strike Back (ska, 1997)
MonsterSkillet – Awake (2009)
My Car Makes Me Sin – Silage – Watusi
Natural – Eric Champion – Natural
No AlibiRez Band – DMZ
No MoreDC TalkNu Thang (rap/rock)
Oh No, Not Again – The Lead – Burn This Record (punk/thrash)
Send AngelsPlumb – Plumb
St. Augustine’s PearsPetraGod Fixation (rock)
Same Ol’ SinnerBride – End of the Age (hard rock)
Secret Trees – Johnny Q. Public – Extra*Ordinary
Stay of ExecutionDeliverance – Stay of Execution (metal)
Sugarcoated Poison AppleMxPx – Teenage Politics (pop punk)
The Disease and the CureKutlessTo Know That You’re Alive (rock, 2008)
Think TwicePetra – No Doubt (rock)
TurmoilDisciple – This Might Sting a Little
Two Wrongs and a Right – The Normals – Coming to Life
Vegas Car Chasers – Silage – Vegas Car Chasers (modern rock)
Virtue and ViceHoly Soldier – Last Train (metal)
Wasted – Believable Picnic – Welcome to the Future
We Fall Down – Bob Carlisle – Stories From The Heart (pop)
When Beauty DiesOvercome – When Beauty Dies (hardcore)
Within – Ruby Joe – Sinking the Eight Ball (rockabilly)
Your Carcass – Crimson Thorn – Unearthed (death metal)

singleness (see also abstinence, breakups)

Emily’s Love Song – Skypark – Am I Pretty?
EverythingStacie Orrico – Genuine (pop)
Fishy – Philmore – Philmore (2000)
I PromiseJaci VelasquezHeavenly Place (pop)
I Will Wait – Kim Hill – Brave Heart
Lonely By Myself – Larry Norman – So Long Ago the Garden
Maybe TomorrowNouveaux – …And This is How I Feel (rock)
Single-Minded LoveKenny Marks – Right Where You Are
Somebody to LoveRachel Rachel – You Oughta Know By Now (rock)
Someday – LaRue – LaRue (pop, 1999)
Table for TwoCaedmon’s Call – 40 Acres
Untitled, AnonymousEveryday Sunday – Anthems For The Imperfect
Wait – One Eighty – Crackerjack


See Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking/Addictions

spiritual direction

Another CrossroadPetra – Back to the Steet (rock)
Balloon RideRelient K – Relient K
Beautiful Stranger – Rebecca St. James – If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something
DestinyPetra – Unseen Power (rock)
Downtown – Sarah Masen – Sarah Masen
Grey CloudsDakoda Motor Co. – Into the Son
Help Me Find It – Sidewalk Prophets – Live Like That
Listen and LearnGeoff Moore & the Distance – Friend Like U; Greatest Hits
Listen With Your Heart – Identical Strangers – Identical Strangers
I Need to Hear from YouPetra – Unseen Power (rock, 1992)
I Need You NowAll Star UnitedInternational Anthems for the Human Race
Lead Us – Nate Sallie – Inside Out
NeedKutless – Believer (2012)
Pike’s Peak – Considering Lily – Considering Lily (pop)
Recovery BeginsFireflight – For Those Who Wait (2010)
RevelationThird DayRevelation
Show Me the WayJohn Schlitt – Shake (rock)
Speak to Me – Reality Check – Reality Check
Stay With You Tonight – This Beautiful Republic – Perceptions
Take MeHawk Nelson – Letters to the President
Two AnswersHokus Pick Manouver – Pick It Up
Whisper to Me – Plankeye – Commonwealth
Your Beautiful Mind – Kevin Max – The Impostor

spiritual warfare (see also victory over satan)

Armed and Dangerous – Matthew Ward – Armed and Dangerous
Big Bad WolfDisciple – This Might Sting a Little
Brutal WarfareMortification – Mortification; Live Planetarium (metal)
Demons – Rose – Sacrificium
Get on Your Knees and Fight Like a Man Petra – This Means War!; Rock Block (rock)
I Rise AboveOvercome – More Than Death (hardcore, 2001)
Lyrical AssassinT-Bone – Redeemed Hoodlum (rap, 1995)
Put on the Armor – Matthew Ward – Armed and Dangerous
Resist Him – Whitecross – Hammer & Nail
Swarming SpiritsTourniquetStop the Bleeding (metal)
WarfareVengeance Rising – Once Dead (thrash metal)
Wasting TimeRed – End of Silence
We Rot the Voodoo – The Dingees – Sundown to Midnight
Weapons of our WarfareDeliverance – Weapons of our Warfare (speed metal)


Heart and Soul – Geoff Moore & the Distance – A Place to Stand

strength in weakness

Beautifully Broken – This Beautiful Republic – Perceptions
Carry OnKutless – Believer
Perfect – Flyleaf – Flyleaf
In Me – Casting Crowns – Lifesong
Rain – Narnia – Course of a Generation
Strong Enough – Matthew West – The Story of Your Life


#1 FanKJ-52It’s Pronounced Five-Two (hip hop, 2003)
Acts of DesperationUnderoath – Acts of Depression
AloneDisciple – What Was I Thinking
Alone In SuicideBloodgoodDetonation
Beyond the Night – Trytan – Celestial Messenger
CarolineSeventh Day Slumber – Once Upon A Shattered Life
Center Aisle – Caedmon’s Call – Caedmon’s Call (pop)
Cold Blue Hill – Rose – Crazy Little World
Don’t Go – X-Sinner – Peace Treaty (hard rock)
Don’t Say Suicide – Rick Cua – You’re My Road
Elle GNewsboys – Going Public (pop)
He’s Gonna Hear You Cryin’ – Sam Phillips – Beyond Saturday Night
Hey WorldPetraUnseen Power (rock)
HomeBuilding 429 – Rise
ImperfectionSkillet – Collide
In the Eye of the FireBarren Cross – Atomic Arena (metal)
It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn – Corpus Christi – The Darker Shades Of White
JennySteve Taylor – Meltdown
Last WordsThousand Foot Krutch – Phenomenon
Life is Worth Fighting For – Church of Rhythm – Not Perfect
Memories of You – Ransom – Ransom (metal ballad)
ShadowsRez – Between Heaven ‘n Hell
Standing FreeSacred Warrior – Wicked Generation (metal, 1990)
Suicide – Spooky Tuesday – Happy Dissonance
Suicide – Veil of Ashes – Pain
Taking the Easy Way Out – Mad at the World
Teenage SuicideDegarmo & Key – D & K
The Last NightSkillet – Comatose (2006)
ZeroHawk Nelson – Smile, It’s The End Of The World

terrorism (see also sepetember 11)

Game OnDisciple – Scars Remain
Someone SleepsRez Band – Silence Screams
Terrorist Child – Barren Cross (metal)

thanks to god/gratitude

Attitude Of Gratitude – Mark Farner – Some Kind Of Wonderful
Every Moment – DeGarmo and Key – Streetlight
Good to be Alive – Jason Gray (2013)
I’m ThankfulYolanda Adams – Believe
If I Could – Two or More – Life in the Diamond Lane (r&b)
I Thank You – Rebecca St. James – Greatest Hits
Thank YouJJ HellerOnly Love Remains (2006)
Thank YouSanctus Real – The Face of Love
Thankful HeartPetraPetraphonics (piano ballad)

trials (see also perseverance)

BlessingsLaura Story – Blessings (2012)
Carry MeSteve Camp – Consider the Cost
Diamond In Me – Chris Willis – Chris Willis
Good to be AliveJason Gray
One More TimeDisciple – Back Again
Praise You In This Storm – Casting Crowns – Lifesong; Wow #1s
Shot Down – Larry Norman
Softer to MeRelient K
Sometimes He Calms the StormScott Krippayne – Wild Imagination
Still My ChildMary Mary – Thankful (2000)
Trials Turned to Gold – Keith Green; PFR – Great Lengths
When the Rain Comes – Lenny LeBlanc – The Bridge
You Belong to Me – Plush – Plush

the tribulation (see also second coming)

A Thief in the NightT-Bone – Tha Life of a Hoodlum (rap, 1995)
Apocalyptic TerrorMortification – Relentless (metal)
BeheadedVengeance Rising – Human Sacrifice (thrash metal)
For the WickedImpending Doom – Baptized In Filth (metal)
Grand FinaleDemon Hunter – Storm The Gates Of Hell
I Wish We’d All Been Ready – Larry Norman; DC Talk
Judgment DayDegarmo & Key – To Extremes (rock, 1994)
Judgment Day – Randy Stonehill – Love Beyond Reason
MurdererImpending Doom – Baptized In Filth (metal)
Six Sixty Six – Larry Norman – In Another Land
Take Cover – Trytan – Sylentiger
The Day Of Total Armageddon Holocaust – Horde – Hellig Usvart (black metal)
Signs of the EndWhitecross – Whitecross (metal)
Tribulation – Charlie Daniels – Steel Door (country, 1996)

trusting/waiting on the lord

40 Days – Mark Schultz – Broken and Beautiful
Always (You Are Good) – Steve Green
CoalDisciple – By God
Do I Trust YouTwila Paris – The Warrior is a Child
Even IfKutless – Believer
Hands of God – Rex Carroll – The Rex Carroll Sessions
Hold on to Jesus – Erin O’Donnell – No Place So Far (pop, 2001)
Hold on to Jesus – Supertones (acoustic ballad)
Holding Out for GraceTait – Lose This Life
I Need to Hear from YouPetra – Unseen Power (rock, 1992)
I Trust In YouSkillet – Invincible
I Trust YouRich Mullins – Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth
I’ll Not Forget YouBryan Duncan – Mercy
If God Is For Us – DeGarmo and Key
If I Believed – Jeni Varnadeau – No Hesitation (ballad)
If I StandRich Mullins – Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth
Let the Rain Fall Down – Larry Norman – Shouting at the Storm (1998)
Still Listening?Third Day – Come Together
Treasures of Heaven – John Elefante – Corridors
TrustSixpence – The Fatherless and the Widow; The Best of Sixpence None the Richer
WaitTait – Lose This Life
WaitingFireflight – The Healing of Harms
WaitingOut of the Grey – 6.1
When the Rain Comes – Lenny LeBlanc – The Bridge (pop)
While I’m WaitingJohn Waller – While I’m Waiting (2009)


AbsoluteThousand Foot Krutch – The Art of Breaking
As the Curtain FallsOvercome – When Beauty Dies (hardcore)
HardenedDisciple – Back Again
PlaceBride – Scarecrow Messiah (hard rock)
The Religion LieOvercome – Blessed Are The Persecuted (hardcore)
Truth Be Known (Everyone Gets a Shot)NewsboysStep Up to the Microphone
Who Will You Follow – Whitecross – Whitecross (metal)


At The Cross – Justin McRoberts – Father (pop, 2000)
Barriers – Buck Enterprises – Business as Usual
Beautiful Bride – Flyleaf – Memento Mori (2009)
Given Luv 2 My People – S.S.M.O.B. – Papa Didn’t Raize No Punkz (rap)
I Just KnowDisciple – This Might Sting a Little
No Matter What Way – Marsha Stevens
One VoiceSupertones – Chase the Sun (ska, 1999)
Show Me How To LoveTenth Avenue NorthThese Simple Truths
SolidarityFive Iron Frenzy – All The Hype That Money Can Buy (ska)
Strong LoveNewsboys – Not Ashamed
They Like Me – KJ-52 feat. Lecrae (hip hop)
Trivializing the Momentous, Complicating the Obvious Tourniquet – The Collected Works; Acoustic Archives (metal)
Unified TruthMortification – Triumph of Mercy (metal, 1998)
UniteSupertonesSupertones Strike Back; Live Vol. 1; Unite (ska)
United We Stand – Squad Five-0 – What I Believe (punk)
Unity – MC GeGee – I’m For Real (rap)
We Will Stand – Russ Taff

victory over satan

Big Bad WolfPlumbPlumb
Blasphemous Abomination Of The Satanic Pentagram – Horde – Hellig Usvart (black metal)
BurnVengeance Rising – Human Sacrifice; Once Dead Return with a Vengeance DVD (thrash metal)
Crawl AwayDisciple – What Was I Thinking
Crush The Bloodied Horns Of The Goat – Horde – Hellig Usvart (black metal)
Demon Executor – T-Bone – Hoodlum’s Testimony (rap)
Fallen Angel – Ransom – Ransom
Hate Your GutsDisciple – By God
Invert the Inverted Cross – Horde – Hellig Usvart (black metal)
Marchin’ and Movin’Carman – The Standard
Mask of the Great Deceiver – Kerry Livgren – Seeds of Change
mr. Do WrongGuardianMiracle Mile (hard rock)
Perish the WickedOvercome – More Than Death (hardcore, 2001)
satan, Bite the DustCarmanAddicted to Jesus
satan’s DoomMortification – Mortification (metal)
SlamCarmanMission 3:16
Stand – Commissioned – Matters of the Heart
Stronger Than You ThinkFireflight – Now (2012)
Thine Hour Has Come – Horde – Hellig Usvart (black metal)
Throwin’ out the WickedT-Bone – The Life of a Hoodlum (rap, 1995)
UnstoppableOnward To Olympas – This World Is Not My Home (2010)


See Racism/Violence

witnessing (see also boldness, missions)

Arise – Vengeance Rising – Once Dead (thrash metal)
Back To The Street – Petra – Back To The Street
Be the OneAl Denson – Be the One (pop ballad)
Can I Get a Witness – Nicole C. Mullen – Talk About It
Christ Can Save You – Skypark – Am I Pretty? (modern rock)
I Just Want You to KnowRelient KThe Bird and the Bee Sides
If You Want to Lead Me to Jesus – Grover Levy – Wrestling Angels (pop)
InspirationSanctus Real – Say It Loud
Jesus Commands Us To GoKeith Green – Ultimate Collection
Jesus In YouTwila ParisWhere I Stand (pop)
Let It Show – John Schlitt – Shake
Lifestyle – Transformation Crusade – Makin’ It Happen (rap, 1991)
Live the LifeMichael W. SmithLive the Life, The Second Decade 1993-2003 (pop)
Live to TellGeoff Moore & the Distance – Evolution; Greatest Hits (pop ballad)
New PerspectiveFireflight – For Those Who Wait
PDAAudio AdrenalineAudio Adrenaline
Ready, Willing & AblePetraUnseen Power (rock, 1992) (see Matthew 9:35-38, 28:18-20; II Cor 5:11-21; II Timothy 4:2; Hebrews 12:1-2; I Peter 3:15)
Show You LoveJaci Velasquez – Jaci Velasquez; On My Knees: The Best of Jaci Velasquez (pop)
Someone is Searching – Ginny Owens
Soulbait – Code of Ethics – Soulbait (rock, 1997)
Undercover Christian – Daniel Band – On Rock +2 (rock)
Until the Whole World Hears – Casting Crowns – Wow Hits 2011 (2010)
Where Will They GoSanctus Real – Fight the Tide